AsiaOne: ADA Works With Omcom...

AsiaOne: ADA Works With Omcom for Integrated Customer Support Management Solutions in SEA

Oct 21, 2022
AsiaOne: ADA Works With Omcom for Integrated Customer Support Management Solutions in SEA

(Image Source: AsiaOne)

Leading independent analytics, data, and artificial intelligence (AI) company ADA has partnered with Omcom to offer businesses a convenient way to manage chats and customer support across hundreds of marketplaces in Southeast Asia (SEA). This partnership will not only allow ADA to better manage high traffic of messages in various channels but also ensure the consistency of customer experience journey across different products and regions.

"Chats are more than just means to communicate — it can help businesses address any issues that customers have before, during or after a transaction; and beyond it too that benefits both parties. It can help your business create a personalised approach for every customer in any online channel", said Ivan Voloshyn, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Omcom. "With omnichannel chat management, enterprises can build strong customer relationships even at large scale, in any popular e-commerce channel".

Besides real-time chats, OOmcom has tools to track orders, delivery statuses, and determine whether the customer is a new or returning customer in addition to real-time chats. Additionally, customer service personnel can even set reminders to follow up and spotlight chats with critical issues that require the attention of the management or product teams.

"In the past, keeping track of every online store's messaging platforms was a laborious task that consumed a lot of time and energy. Now, the average response time across all online stores managed by ADA has decreased by 5 times while the productivity of customer service has increased by 30%, enabling us to focus more on improving our service to customers to drive business," said Anurag Gupta, Chief Operating Officer of ADA.

Source: ADA partners with Omcom for Integrated Customer Support Management across eCommerce Channels

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