UPS to Acquire Happy Returns,...

UPS to Acquire Happy Returns, a Leading Player in Reverse Logistics, from PayPal

Oct 26, 2023
UPS to Acquire Happy Returns, a Leading Player in Reverse Logistics, from PayPal

(Image Source: UPS)

Leading logistics carrier UPS has recently unveiled its plan to acquire Happy Returns from PayPal. Happy Returns, a US-based software, and reverse logistics company, specializes in offering seamless, label-free returns for both merchants and consumers, addressing a long-standing challenge in the world of e-commerce.

The decision to bring Happy Returns under the UPS umbrella is aimed at streamlining the returns process, which has been a persistent source of frustration for shoppers and retailers. The partnership, as described by UPS CEO Carol B. Tomé, leverages Happy Returns' user-friendly digital platform and established drop-off locations with UPS's extensive small package network and the vast footprint of nearly 5,200 The UPS Store locations. This collaboration is set to expand the availability of no-box, no-label returns to over 12,000 convenient locations across the United States.

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“Joining the UPS team is a win for both our employees and our customers,” expressed David Sobie, CEO and Co-founder of Happy Returns. “In recent years, the growth of Happy Returns has accelerated, and we’ve built an enterprise-grade solution. This new chapter is a natural next step for Happy Returns and allows us to harness the power of the UPS network to transform the returns industry.”

Happy Returns provides a comprehensive array of returns solutions powered by software and a well-established reverse logistics infrastructure. This ecosystem simplifies the returns process for users, offering a straightforward returns portal and the convenience of making no-box returns at the nearest location, with the item seamlessly shipped, sorted, and returned to the merchant. With a clientele of over 800 merchants, Happy Returns has garnered a reputation for hassle-free, no-box returns, reducing e-commerce costs and promoting a more efficient and sustainable supply chain.

According to the company statement, the acquisition of Happy Returns is slated to conclude in the fourth quarter of 2023, pending standard conditions and regulatory approvals. The specific terms of the acquisition have not been disclosed at this time. This strategic move by UPS signifies a step towards enhancing the e-commerce experience and addressing a long-standing pain point for both consumers and retailers.

Source: UPS to Acquire Happy Returns, a Leader in Reverse Logistics

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