Retail Dive: Ebay Hosts Events To Authenticate Items on Site

Apr 21, 2021

(Image Source: Retail Dive)

As the collectibles market continues to grow, eBay is hosting pop-up events to authenticate items in person. It is essential to build trust among shoppers and investors for them to buy collectibles online. This is an effort from the online marketplace to satisfy the needs of their customers. 

“Younger generations have upended the idea of a traditional portfolio by marrying their passions with financial opportunity. We’ve transformed the eBay experience to reflect that change in behavior, ensuring the authenticity of the most covetable, collectible and investment-worthy items in our marketplace.” Jordan Sweetnam, Senior Vice President of eBay North America stated. 

The online marketplace has applied different methods to counter the sale of fake goods. Last fall, it launched the Authenticity Guarantee program to verify collectibles valued more than $100 including memorabilia, high-end watches, and sneakers. eBay is planning to add more categories and products to this program in the next few months. 

The events will take place in various U.S cities, started by Atlanta. Seattle, Las Vegas, Nashville, Tennessee, and Austin are the next to host the event series.

Source: EBay to host in-person events to authenticate collectibles

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