Retail Dive: 3D Product Visualisation to Replace Product Photography

Nov 03, 2021

(Image source: Retail Dive)

The pandemic has caused significant changes in every aspect of life, especially in retail. With human interaction becoming less and less frequent, online shopping has become a necessity for most of us. Even the definition of online shopping is also expanding, with the advent of social commerce, live streaming, apps, QR codes, just to name a few.

In response to the shifts in customers’ behaviour, retailers need to start thinking outside the box to elevate their strategies. Finding solutions for product imagery is one of the big focuses in the coming years. Photo shoots are a critical part of influencing customers’ purchases, not to mention, they may reduce return rates as well. In 2020 alone, consumers returned $428 billion worth in products at an estimated cost of $101 billion to the industry.

On the downside, however, 2D product imagery is getting more and more expensive since the shoppers now expect on average 8 images per product instead of 3. For these reasons, 3D product imagery is gaining popularity as it is considered a good alternative.

3D product visualisation can resolve most drawbacks of traditional photography. First and foremost, it is on average 6 times cheaper. Secondly, the 3D model is more versatile as it is easier to change colours, textures or even the lifestyle scenes serving as the background. Lastly, a 3D image offers customers a more comprehensive view of the product, thus facilitating their decision-making process and lowering the odds of them returning it.

Many big brands, including Nike, Ikea and Apple, are already making use of 3D renders for quite some time. Whether 2022 will be the year of the great switch to 3D product imagery remains to be seen.

Source: Will 2022 be the year of the great switch to 3D product visuals?

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