Retail Dive: The Growth of BO...

Retail Dive: The Growth of BOPIS is Accelerating

Nov 03, 2020

Businesses have been exploring different ways to drive sales amid the pandemic outbreak. One of such is the increasingly popular “buy online, pick up in-store” service, which is also known as BOPIS. 

With BOPIS, retailers can fill the gap between shopping in-store and online. Consumers can order an item online and opt to pick it up at the physical store at their convenience. This alternative allows consumers to have more control in their shopping experience as they do not have to worry about stock availability in-store, whilst saving on delivery costs. 

In 2019, revenue from BOPIS sales was already up an average of 35% during the 2019 holiday season. This year, the growing popularity of BOPIS shows no signs of slowing down. 

Here are some reasons why your business should make the shift to BOPIS:

  1. Customers love BOPIS 

    1. Faster service

    2. Convenience

  2. Benefits businesses 

    1. Opportunity to upsell/drive more sales 

    2. Ability to personalize services for customers 

How to create a BOPIS experience

  1. Send a confirmation email with details of the order and provide the information required for pick up 

  2. Have an employee dedicated to BOPIS so that orders are ready to be picked up at all times 

  3. Build a process for effective communication with the customer when scheduling pick-ups 

  4. Inform customers immediately if the items are not available for collection

  5. Of course, promote your BOPIS service 

 Source: Why the growth in BOPIS will continue to accelerate (and how to make the shift now)

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