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Data-Driven E-Commerce Logistics Insights

Top E-Commerce and Retail Trends

The e-commerce and retail industry is shifting and moving very quickly, it is important for brands to stay up-to-date and ahead to stand out against competitors. Parcel Monitor studies and identifies the top e-commerce and retail trends so that you do not have to - live streaming commerce, social commerce, influencer marketing, and more!

Rising Logistics and Supply Chain Trends

The digitization and evolving customer expectations have changed the logistics and supply chain industry over the past years. Companies have adapted omnichannel supply chain, smart warehousing, and optimizing their last-mile logistics to improve the logistics operations. Learn more about the rising logistics and supply chain trends that will define the roadmap for the industry.

Understanding What Consumers Are Looking For

Discover the different customer retention strategies to build long-lasting relationships with your customers. Creating the best e-commerce customer experience is essential in increasing customer lifetime value. Hear from end consumers directly through our consumer insights and surveys to find out what are their expectations.

Delivery Performance Across the World

Analyzing the delivery performance across different regions and countries and understanding how the impact of COVID-19 has affected the last-mile delivery and cross-border e-commerce. Find out how some countries’ logistics performed pre and post COVID and how has the new normal changed delivery performance?