Vaccine Rollouts & E-Commerce Logistics in the US

Oct 07, 2021

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The United States started vaccination as early as December 2020, reaching 57% of the population as of October 2021. However, the vaccination rates varied across the different states.

Observing varying vaccination rates across the different states, we looked into the impact it had on the United States e-commerce logistics in various areas: such as shipment volume, parcel distribution, and parcel collection usage. 

Here are key highlights of the report:

E-Commerce Growth in the US Slowed Down

Before the vaccine rollouts, there was a less than 1% difference in shipment volume growth between states with high vaccination rates and states with low vaccination rates. 

Interestingly, after vaccine rollouts, both states with high and low vaccination rates experienced little e-commerce growth. This affirms the sustained popularity of online shopping amongst US consumers. 

More Parcels from the High Vaccination States to the Low Vaccination States

States with higher vaccination rates (i.e. the “high vax group”) had little inbound shipments from states with lower vaccination rates. It appears that the majority of consumers and businesses from the high vax group were shipping parcels or shopping ‘domestically’ within their state group. On the other hand, states with lower vaccination rates (i.e. the “low vax group”) were purchasing or shipping items from outside their state group. 

Could this be an indication of consumers and businesses being more willing to purchase or ship items from states with higher vaccination rates? Alternatively, this may have been due to the distribution of warehouses and logistics centers between these two state groups. Nevertheless, we shall observe how these numbers change (or remain unchanged) in the second half of 2021 for a clearer picture.

Low vaccination states are picking up parcels from collection points more post-vaccination

Before the vaccine roll-outs started, the low vaccination group had more parcels delivered to collection points as compared to the high vaccination group. This trend has continued even after vaccinations were rolled out.

Last year, nearly 35.5 million Americans reported having their packages stolen with an average of $156.82 in value. These stolen packages have urged shoppers to choose collection points over doorstep deliveries.

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