Unveiling the New Parcel ...

Unveiling the New Parcel Monitor: E-Commerce Logistics Community for Everyone

Jul 06, 2022
Unveiling the New Parcel Monitor: E-Commerce Logistics Community for Everyone

Parcel Monitor aims to inspire the e-commerce logistics ecosystem to create a better delivery experience for everyone.

The cat is finally out of the bag.

You might have already noticed the many exciting new enhancements made in the last couple of days and we are proud to officially unveil our new Parcel Monitor brand.

Before we get into the nitty gritty, let’s take a moment to reflect on how our community has grown.

Half a Decade Into Our Mission

Parcel Monitor was launched in 2016 as a free parcel tracking community initiated by e-commerce logistics enthusiasts at Parcel Perform. Grounded by our vision to inspire a world-class e-commerce delivery experience for everyone, we offer consumers a taste of an exceptional delivery experience by allowing consumers to track their e-commerce orders for free across 950+ carriers globally. 

Thanks to the treasure trove of parcel data amassed over the past 4 years, we were able to launch the Parcel Monitor Community in 2020 as an extension of our ambition to drive transparency, and collaboration within the e-commerce logistics ecosystem. Fast forward to 2022, we have created a vibrant community where like-minded e-commerce logistics professionals can come together to expand their knowledge with our industry insights; and connect and collaborate through our community initiatives. Today, millions of users worldwide rely on Parcel Monitor to not only obtain e-commerce delivery information but also leverage our data and resources for informed decision-making.

“I’m happy to see our efforts paying off in connecting our community of like-minded e-commerce logistics professionals. It was always our goal to foster collaboration across our industry globally. By leveraging our platform’s data, insights, and intelligence, Parcel Monitor’s thought leadership initiatives will inspire action for our partners and customers worldwide.” 

–  Arne Jeroschewki, Founder & Chief Executive Officer at Parcel Perform

A Fresh New Look

After months of brainstorming, we are proud to present a logo that truly represents the essence of our brand identity. 

Parcel Monitor’s new logo comes in two colors: Navy Blue and Orange. These colors are symbolic of trust, creativity, and appetite for knowledge, all of which convey our mission to inspire the e-commerce logistics ecosystem to create a better delivery experience for everyone.

Our new logo features the modern, yet distinctive elements of a human figure delivering a parcel, which could also be interpreted as a human receiving a parcel delivery. The dual-nature of our logo embodies how we aim to represent the consumer through our data, and inspire companies to create breakthrough delivery experiences for consumers with these insights. You might have also spotted a wink in our new logo which symbolizes our commitment to delight customers through Parcel Monitor. 

PM Logo Gif

We opted to keep our new logo clear, symbolic and meaningful to express our unwavering commitment to becoming a community that is built upon data, collaboration and innovation. 

“Parcel Monitor’s strategic rebranding represents its growth milestones and reflects the platform’s evolution in recent years. We believe in the power of community, knowledge, and data-driven decision-making and have aspired ourselves to empower industry stakeholders with the confidence to better capitalize on the boundless opportunities in this rapid growth market.”

–  Dana von der Heide, Founder & Chief Commercial Officer at Parcel Perform

Backed by Data, Built for the Community

If you didn’t already notice, we have also revamped our website alongside our brand new logo. The new site features an intuitive, organized layout to provide users with easy access to our parcel tracking functionality, on top of the latest industry news and data insights. 

One of the most notable updates is our Events Directory where visitors can now easily browse through our past and current events seamlessly. Another major improvement is the organization of our content into different categories, namely news, insights, and exclusives. Our 'News' and 'Insights' pages feature industry headlines and data-rich reports, and our new ‘Exclusives’ Page contains content that is reserved exclusively for our community members. To access these exclusive studies, reports, and interviews, simply sign up as a Parcel Monitor community member for free!

With our revamped website, we now have a scalable and robust technology platform to develop more exciting features for the community – whether you’re a consumer looking to track your parcel, a professional looking for data and insights on the market, or a company in search for their next collaboration. 

Through data and collaboration, we will turn around traditional siloed mindsets and create an open, collaborative space within the e-commerce logistics industry. 

Onwards and Upwards.

For more exclusive reports, insights, and interviews on the latest updates in e-commerce and logistics, follow us on LinkedIn or join our community as a member.

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