Guest Post: Ultimate E-Commerce Strategies for the Summer Season

Jun 24, 2022

Once summer arrives, e-commerce companies face a harsh reality: as temperatures rise, sales tend to do the exact opposite.

E-commerce metrics for this period inform us that customers are typically traveling, taking vacations, and just not spending as much time surfing the web as at other points in the year. 

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Even though many holidaymakers remain connected to the internet, e-commerce businesses can struggle to maintain or increase sales as people put their phones down and adopt a more active lifestyle over the summer.

Fortunately, there are tactics you can implement to boost engagement and sales during the warmer months. For instance, you could teach yourself about different artificial neural network types and put what you learn into practice. This can deliver benefits like improved targeting and more personalized experiences.

In this article, we’ll explore several clever strategies to get your e-commerce business through its annual summer lull.

Points to Consider Before Making Summer Plans

Before you start making adjustments, however, there are a few things to know that will make life much easier.

Mobile devices are taking center stage

This is especially true during the holiday season. The majority of people will be outside soaking up the sun – and far away from their computers. This means those who complete transactions on your website will most likely do so on a mobile device, so optimizing your website for this should be a priority. 

Entertainment products will fly off the shelves

People will be on the lookout for entertainment as they prepare to relax. This means books, games, movies, and other related products are the pick of the bunch. It’s a good idea to capitalize on this, especially if you already have them in your store. Put them front and center to draw customers’ attention.

If shipping costs are high, cart abandonment will be too

High shipping prices also turn off buyers, who abandon their carts when they learn about them. So, especially at this time of year, it can be beneficial to remove these charges and automate shipping for your e-commerce business.

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E-Commerce Marketing Tips for the Slow Summer Season

Knowing when your company’s online sales are lagging is half the battle. From there, you can utilize holiday marketing suggestions or strategies such as data analytics, using tools like PySpark SQL, to boost profits no matter the time of year.

The exciting aspect is getting to try out fresh ways to increase sales during your quieter months. Consider the following suggestions to help your company overcome these periodic dips in demand. 

Update your website for the summer

Focusing on products that will gain the most attention over the summer is a step toward success. Find the products or deals that best suit the time of year, whether you’re a beauty consultancy, local boutique, or pet shop, and showcase them on your site throughout the season. 

By updating your website for the holidays, you can keep your offers current and valuable to your audience.

Customers that embrace the summertime mindset are more likely to buy things that reinforce that mood, so get ahead of the game by making your website summer-ready in advance. 

Analyze your landing page and make any necessary changes, using fresh fonts and vibrant colors appropriate for the season. You could even look into royalty-free music for podcasts, and add some summer-themed sounds to videos and soundbites on your product pages and blogs.

If fresh summer stock has just come in, put inviting pictures of it on your website so visitors will be encouraged to click and hopefully proceed to the checkout.

Leverage product collections

Group your products into collections to help customers not only locate what they want but also to persuade them to buy more related items from your online business. 

Many modern shoppers have trouble making decisions, particularly when buying for someone else. Create a group of related products or seasonal product collections to help them easily find relevant items they might need.

Create shopping guides that offer different collection choices that site users maybe wouldn’t have thought to buy together. Include these catalogs in your newsletter and a separate section on your website. 

Use inviting calls to action to persuade customers to investigate further, and make use of your social media profiles to spread information about your product lines. 

Consider providing collection-specific pricing or discounts. This strategy can also help you figure out which channels are bringing the most visitors to your e-commerce store.

The simpler it is for customers to make decisions, the more likely they are to complete a transaction. Consider collaborating with other companies if your products or services complement each other. 

Improve the mobile user experience on your website

Mobile commerce is now keeping pace with – and even outperforming – traditional e-commerce shopping on PCs and laptops. Modern digital capability is evolving at a blinding rate, and technology is creating easier ways for us to access the things we need. This means online shopping is only ever a click away. 

It’s critical to optimize your site for mobile users if you want to increase conversion rates and keep your business moving forward. This means ensuring the design is user-friendly and appealing, which includes making the checkout procedure swift and straightforward. 

You should also explore how software testing resources like Spectre and Meltdown performance testing can improve performance and functionality.

Adding digital wallet payment options such as PayPal can also boost your mobile conversion rates significantly, as many customers believe this to be a much simpler method of payment.

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(Image Source: Oberlo)

Reward your customers

Customer loyalty and contentment are crucial to your eCommerce business’ success, so give back this summer to keep customers happy. This means providing seasonally relevant, behind-the-scenes information to them. 

For instance, if you have a store that deals in contemporary accessories, post a video on social media highlighting your top jewelry layering recommendations for summer. Or perhaps your business is in the cosmetics industry? You could write a blog on how to get a summer look that’s excellent for beachside days and nights. Make a point of engaging with customers, no matter what your business is, so they keep coming back for more.

Even though your customers are on vacation, that doesn’t mean you should take a break. Use this time to explore a channel partner program template and promote your products through external sources.

Offer incentives like discount vouchers and loyalty prizes to subtly remind customers you are present and waiting for their return. These special customer incentives might be just the thing to persuade them to keep buying from you during the holiday season.

Also, consider providing a promotional discount to new email subscribers in addition to incentivizing your existing audience. As a result, your customer base will grow, and summer sales will increase.

Update your content

Add substance to the shopping experience on your website with unique content marketing. You could try resources like an online magazine creator to generate visually-appealing content.

Remember, this should offer shoppers the insight they need to make an informed purchasing decision. The following are examples of content that can increase sales:

  • Newsletters

  • Tutorials

  • Style and design guides

  • Beginner guides

  • Shopping guides

  • Recipe books

Make the most of these content resources and use tools like an outline generator to set yourself apart from other businesses in your field. 

You should add a personalized feel to your material to give customers a better shopping experience, help them connect with your brand, and form meaningful relationships with your audience. They’ll appreciate you going above and beyond.

Organize a giveaway or contest

Conducting a well-organized giveaway event has numerous benefits. It helps with the development of brand awareness among potential customers as well as the retention of existing buyers. It also distinguishes your brand from the competition. 

Social media contests are known to attract traffic to your website and online store, resulting in increased sales.

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(Image Source: Outgrow)

Contests also help you collect email addresses from potential consumers, which you can use to expand your mailing list for newsletter and email advertising. Offer a fantastic gift or product deal to anyone who registers. This alone will boost your profits as you transition from the slower summer months to the fall and winter seasons.

Creating a buzz around your contest on social media can help boost participation and sales. Explain how it will work and how people can join without making it too complicated. Provide regular updates across all your marketing channels to keep customers informed about the prizes on offer and the number of people participating.

Make special summer products available

At this time of year, promoting summer-themed items will help attract more visitors to your website. It could be something to do with the beach, the sea, or the sweltering heat. Anything outdoor-related could also work since many will be spending their free time outside.

Although not every eCommerce business will be able to do this, having relevant products for the summer is essential. You should offer useful and seasonally-appropriate items, whether they’re your products or sold by a partner company. 

Create a fantastic landing page centered around this to immediately increase your conversion rate. Prepare something deserving of your customer’s attention and appropriate for the season.

Conduct a clearance sale

Summer is an excellent time to sell excess inventory. Clear out surplus items with a sale. Not only will customers be thrilled to find fantastic deals and save money, but you’ll create room for new arrivals or more of your best-selling items.

Host pop-up sales, limited-time offers, or weekend specials. Knowing customers are more likely to visit online retailers at the start of the week, Monday sales are a great idea. 

Except for pop-up sales, give yourself plenty of time to advertise, and, while you plan, remember to consider your discount strategy.

Improve your social media presence

While everyone else is away on holiday, you should focus on developing a stable social media strategy. Customers will be continually checking their feeds to see what other people are up to on their summer vacations, so it’s time for your business to make an appearance there. 

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(Image Source: Finances Online)

During the summer, Facebook and Instagram tend to be especially popular, while many people are also turning to TikTok—especially younger generations. So, devote time to developing effective advertising that will appeal to those who frequently post vacation pictures on social platforms.

Implement a remarketing campaign

Remarketing should be an important component of your marketing strategy to increase sales throughout the summer. It allows you to target your audience at the perfect time.

You can not only reach out to clients who’ve previously interacted with your brand, but reach out to them when they are actively looking for summer season offers elsewhere.

Your chances of raising sales conversion rates are better with customized advertising and delivering ads to the most relevant people.

Ready to Heat Up Your Sales for the Summer?

Summer isn’t a fun time for e-commerce businesses, as there’s usually a slump at this point in the year. Many people will be on vacation and would rather spend their time relaxing on the beach than spending money online.

Luckily, though, there are still strategies you can use to stay afloat and get ahead of the competition, from upgrading the user experience to hosting sales, learning how convolutional neural networks work, and improving communication with customers. The power is in your hands. 

Author Bio:

 Ultimate E-Commerce Strategies for the Summer Season - Author Bio Pohan Lin

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