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Alcott Global Podcast: Transforming Reverse Logistics with Gaurav Saran CEO of ReverseLogix

Mar 30, 2021

In Episode #49 of Leaders in Tech and E-commerce Podcast, Andrei Palamariu, Senior Director of Alcott Global and host of Leaders in Tech and E-commerce Podcast, interviewed Gaurav Saran, the founder, and CEO of ReverseLogix the market leader in returns management software.

Listen to the full episode here.

Key highlights of this episode:

  • Understanding the ways in which reverse logistics is transforming supply chains globally and the end-to-end system for returns

  • Deep dive into the achievements of the software solution at the customer that have already implemented and on the length of the implementation

  • ReverseLogix company culture

  • How does Gaurav spend his time as the CEO

The number of consumers who shop online grew by 24% in 2020 and it was at 2 billion at the end of last year, which was a massive increase. As a consequence, there is a significant volume of returns, which requires an end-to-end reverse logistics solution. 

In order to stay competitive, companies need to continue to be able to have a returns solution. Choosing an end-to-end solution for managing reverse logistics, would help them augment their supply chain capability in general and increase net profitability.

About Guarav Saran

Gaurav Saran is a Silicon Valley entrepreneur with a passion for leveraging disruptive and emerging technologies to provide innovative enterprise solutions. As founder and CEO of ReverseLogix, Gaurav brings deep industry expertise and is responsible for driving the overall company direction and product strategy. His ability to combine customer vision with methodical execution and thought leadership has positioned the company as a game-changer in its field. Previously, he was with Microsoft for over six years, leading enterprise sales for Fortune 500 companies and driving strategic executive relationships.

Prior to Microsoft, Gaurav has worked at Silicon Valley start-ups such as Zoho, executing strategy, business development, sales, and marketing, taking them from early stages to established growth companies. Gaurav holds a BS in e-commerce marketing and telecommunications and an MBA in global strategic management from California State University, Hayward.

About Leaders in Supply Chain Podcast

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