Top Last-Mile Delivery Me...

Top Last-Mile Delivery Methods Around the World 2023

Jul 13, 2023
Top Last-Mile Delivery Methods Around the World 2023
  • Home delivery remains the top package delivery method among shoppers worldwide, with Asia and Latin America seeing the highest rates of 97.6% and 97.4% respectively.

  • Despite Oceania‘s slow e-commerce growth prior to the pandemic, the region has the highest proportion of shoppers opting for collection points.

  • Collection points like parcel lockers are the least popular delivery service among individuals in Asia.

We’ve all been there. The delivery man knocks on your door but nobody’s home to receive your parcel. The courier wasted time and resources while you missed the package you’ve long been waiting for. Either the carrier has to rearrange another visit, or you make a trip down to your nearest post office. 

While contactless delivery services have made great progress toward addressing this aforementioned issue, door-to-door delivery is no longer the sole player in the last-mile game. 2020’s unprecedented growth in e-commerce has prompted many retailers and carriers like USPSUPS, and FedEx to explore various parcel delivery options to minimize costs and maximize customer satisfaction.

In this article, Parcel Monitor breaks down customers’ preferences for each delivery method (home delivery, collection point, parcel locker, post office) by region. Are traditional door-to-door parcel deliveries still relevant in this day and age? What do shoppers truly think of the latest delivery trends? Let’s find out!

Home Delivery Is Still Very Much Preferred Around the World

Contrary to popular belief, home delivery remains the top package delivery method among shoppers worldwide. Consumers still prefer the traditional option in most regions, with Asia and Latin America seeing the highest percentages at 97.6% and 97.4% respectively. Since e-commerce is a relatively new venture and cash being the most common form of payment in these places, it makes more sense for businesses to stick to the conventional method.

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