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Guest Post: Top Five Startup Trends to Watch Out for in 2022

Mar 30, 2022
Guest Post: Top Five Startup Trends to Watch Out for in 2022

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This content piece was written by our guest writer Anahit Babkenyan. Anahit creates SEO-friendly content with scholarly research.  She enjoys traveling, reading books on the trains, and creative writing in her spare time.

A famous study by Marco van Gelderen presents how startups grow with the help of performance, strategy, understanding uncertainties, and counting alternative determinants. If we follow this simple strategy, we can infer that startups need to embrace new trends as part of their strategic plan.

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In this article, we present you with five tips based on case studies, and other determinants to boost the development of your startup in 2022. Let’s check them out!

Focus on Environment

In recent years, there is a global shift towards green thinking and it is starting to become a part and parcel of our lives. When it comes to values, many companies today are placing a huge emphasis on environmental protection, green innovation, and sustainability. In line with this, startups should consider having PR campaigns, conferences,  press releases, and seminars where they can present how they contribute in this aspect. Do keep in mind that as powerful as social media campaigns can be, the action plan has a greater role; your customers do not want just words, they want actions.

A Greater Focus on Personalization for Users

Did you know that personalization is a major startup point when it comes to the field of marketing? Following the personalization trend will bring the most favorable outcomes on social platforms in the form of greater shares, likes, and more positive feedback . After all, paid promotions cannot be compared with organic traffic derived from word-of-mouth marketing by your existing clients. To start off, startups should first analyze and understand their target audience, which is key to success in the personalization process. The next step is to get rid of vague statements and be realistic about their vision and mission. For instance, some popular employee engagement softwares share slogans to present their values, so people can have a hint as to why they should trust their services. 

Use Statistics to Create Your Own Trends

So far, we have presented three handy trends for your startup to boost it. For the startup industry, it is always good to follow the trends and plan the strategies for the upcoming months ahead. However, to bring your own trends without any risks, you ought to learn statistics.

The employees who develop the startup need to know the profit margin perfectly, compare it to the other year’s score, conduct sales analyses and use it to favor your startup. Startup trends are not built randomly; there is massive work with the statistics behind them. Of course, not everyone can work with statistics, but basic knowledge is essential to bring up relevant ideas and, at the same time, to evaluate the efficiency of the last campaigns. The efficiency will show how to work on future campaigns, stimulate new ideas and foster the development of your startup. 

Additionally, presenting these statistics in infographics can help to draw attention as well as educate your readers. There are many options when it comes to visual representation such as using Freepik for cool technology images and inspirations for creating infographics, or Stock images for graphical illustrations.

Invest in Networking with Loyal Customers and Influencers

Engaging with influencers to promote goods and services is very common amongst brands and organization. However, limiting to influencers with a huge following might not be sufficient as there are plenty of hardworking and creative individuals with a smaller following that are more persuasive and influential. Some businesses focus on digital products and influencers to sell their products. Most of these influencers are digital content creators, and often utilize digital editing tools, digital downloads, and online video-making tools. For engaging more audiences, businesses mostly pay YouTubers and IG figures, who present daily life hacks connected to digital realities.

Agile Development and Greater Flexibility

According to the Forbes article about 2022 trends of startups, deploying digital software tools is no longer optional for industrial businesses. Therefore our 5th tip is about flexibility and agile development with the help of digital reality.

Startups must be open to feedback and input from both the customers and employees to solve issues in a creative and effective manner. While it is true that traditional policies will help to foster development, the renewed solutions are essential to develop users’ interest in startups. As boosting agile development is a must to remain competitive in the startup sphere, founders should consider the questions presented below:

  1. What are the operational goals for the owner to boost recognition of the startup? 

  2. Do the characteristics of the presented service/ products match the analyzed customers’ choice criteria? 

  3. What information is required to track performance to engage more audiences?

Final Notes

You are all set now! Following these five startup trends will help your startup stand out in the market. As a startup founder, always seek creativity and innovation, as these characteristics will lead your startup to future success. Be innovative, be wise, and most importantly, be you! Always double-check the possible efficiency of the new trends and try to modify the above-mentioned trends to get the most favorable outcomes.

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