Top E-Commerce Retailers in Europe 2022

Jul 21, 2022

The COVID-19 outbreak has no doubt reshaped the e-commerce retail industry in more ways than we have imagined. Among other factors, the adoption of online shopping has accelerated by many folds as a result of lockdowns and social distancing measures imposed around the world, the European e-commerce market, in particular, has shown remarkable growth in recent years  – a trend that is expected to continue in the near future. 

As consumer expectations and purchasing habits continue to evolve, you can expect e-commerce brands to rise up to the challenge and come up with new strategies. With reference to RetailX Report, we have compiled a list of the leading e-commerce retailers in Europe that have successfully adapted to the latest technological innovations, challenges, and changing consumer behaviors.

Download the infographic for more details on the state of e-commerce in Europe.

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Top E-Commerce Retailers in Europe 2022

(Image Source: Best Stocks)

Amazon continues to retain its spot in the elite position, with its growing market coverage in 8 major European markets including the Netherlands, Sweden and Poland. In 2021 itself, Amazon reported gross revenue of $53.1B contributed by the European market alone

The e-commerce behemoth has been a pioneer in adopting emerging technologies and practices, like the use of robots to streamline the efficiency of e-commerce fulfillment operations or the implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) applications across logistics, warehousing, and distribution. Amazon continues to explore brand new opportunities for its customers by providing hands-free shopping with innovative methods like the Alexa-enabled online shopping experience, 

Furthermore, Amazon has also perfected the art of delivering goods in two days or less. With its fleet of delivery vehicles, massive numbers of warehouses open close to end customers for the fastest delivery times. Now, Amazon is not just convenient; it is the default shopping channel for many users in Europe as well as international markets. Its loyalty program, Amazon Prime, continues to be high in demand, with over 200 million people globally subscribed to Amazon Prime. 


Apple Top E-commerce Retailers Europe

(Image Source: Apple Singapore)

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