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The Ultimate E-Commerce and Retail Calendar 2024

Jan 03, 2024
The Ultimate E-Commerce and Retail Calendar 2024

As an e-commerce business, planning your marketing strategy well in advance is crucial to staying ahead of the competition. From product launches to marketing campaigns and seasonal promotions, the calendar is packed with important dates and milestones that can have a significant impact on your business.

To help you stay organized and prepared, we've compiled a comprehensive calendar of the most important events and deadlines for the retail industry in 2024. From holiday shopping seasons and back-to-school promotions to trade shows and industry conferences, our guide covers it all, ensuring that you have the information you need to make informed decisions and stay ahead of the curve.

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Quarter 1 (Q1 2024)

The Ultimate E-Commerce and Retail Calendar 2024 - Q1 2024


1 January -  New Year’s Day

As the New Year unfolds, the age-old adage of "New Year, new me" reverberates not only in personal resolutions but also provides a golden opportunity for businesses to unveil and promote new products. Embrace the spirit of change and improvement, strategically positioning your new offerings as essential tools for customers looking to start the upcoming year on a positive note.

Remember, January is an opportunity to build a more meaningful connection with your customers. Move beyond mere transactions and tap into the human desire for growth and change. By crafting a campaign that celebrates their journeys and offers a helping hand, you can not only stand out in the crowded market but also forge lasting loyalty and brand affinity.

2 January - Science Fiction Day

8 January - National Returns Day

First declared by leading carrier UPS in 2017, National Returns Day is a significant event in the e-commerce calendar that addresses the post-holiday surge in product returns. As the festive season comes to a close, consumers often find themselves assessing and returning items that may not meet their expectations or suit their preferences.

For e-commerce businesses, National Returns Day serves as a pivotal moment to streamline and optimize their return processes. It's an opportunity to showcase customer-centricity and enhance the overall shopping experience. Efficient and hassle-free return procedures can contribute to customer satisfaction, loyalty, and positive brand perception.

To leverage National Returns Day effectively, consider implementing strategies such as clear return policies, user-friendly return interfaces, and proactive communication with customers. This not only helps manage the influx of returns but also fosters a sense of trust and reliability in your brand. Additionally, businesses can use this day as a chance to engage with customers, seeking feedback on returned items. Understanding the reasons behind returns can provide valuable insights for product improvement and future marketing strategies.

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15 January - Martin Luther King Jr. Day

18 January - Get to Know Your Customers Day

26 January - Australia Day

26 January - National Spouse’s Day

28 January - Data Privacy Day

February (Black History Month)

5 February - The Grammy Awards

10 February - Start of Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year (CNY), also known as the Spring Festival, is the most significant traditional festival in Chinese culture. Celebrated by millions around the world, it marks the beginning of the lunar new year and typically falls between January 21 and February 20.

In the realm of CNY campaigns, Nike stands out as a master, skillfully utilizing the occasion not only to showcase its products but also to forge cultural connections and cultivate brand loyalty. Transcending the mere incorporation of a zodiac animal into their footwear; instead, their campaigns intricately weave narratives that delve into the profound themes of the holiday—family, tradition, perseverance, and new beginnings. This approach resonates profoundly with the Chinese audience, transforming their advertisements into meaningful narratives rather than mere commercials.

For instance, their 2023 campaign, titled "Never Done Dreaming Big," commemorated the Year of the Rabbit by reuniting Chinese athletes with their childhood dreams. The ad depicted their journey in overcoming challenges and pursuing their passions, serving as an inspirational call for viewers to embark on similar paths.

And who can resist a limited-edition sneaker or apparel collection inspired by the zodiac animal of the year? Nike knows this and releases exclusive CNY collections featuring festive colors like red and gold. These drops create excitement and generate buzz, leading to early purchases and increased sales.

11 February - Super Bowl Sunday

13 February - Mardi Gras

14 February - Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day presents a lucrative opportunity for e-commerce businesses, as people look for thoughtful gifts for their loved ones. Consider creating themed promotions, bundles, or gift guides to attract shoppers seeking romantic or heartfelt items. Utilize social media platforms to showcase your Valentine's Day offerings and engage with your audience through captivating content.

Additionally, take advantage of the weeks leading up to Valentine's Day to run targeted email campaigns, offering special discounts or highlighting exclusive products. Personalization is key during this season, so tailor your marketing messages to resonate with different customer segments, whether they're shopping for significant others, friends, or family members.

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19 February - President’s Day

20 February - Love Your Pet Day

29 February - Leap Year Day


8 March - International Women’s Day 

International Women's Day is an excellent occasion to celebrate and empower women. Consider creating campaigns that highlight women-centric products, feature inspiring stories, or support relevant causes. Partnering with women-led organizations or influencers can also amplify your message and broaden your reach.

Use this opportunity to not only showcase products but also promote gender equality and empowerment. Consider offering exclusive discounts or promotions as a way of recognizing and appreciating your female customer base. Engage with your audience authentically and contribute to the broader conversation surrounding women's achievements and challenges.

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10 March - Oscar Night 

14 March - White Day

17 March - St. Patrick’s Day 

St. Patrick's Day is a cultural and religious holiday celebrated on 17th of March, commemorating St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. It is widely observed not only in Ireland but also in other parts of the world, especially where there is a significant Irish diaspora. The day is marked by various festivities, including parades, wearing green attire or accessories, public celebrations, and the decoration of public spaces with green-themed items.

St. Patrick's Day provides e-commerce and retail brands with a unique opportunity to engage with consumers and boost sales through strategic marketing efforts. Here are several ways in which brands can leverage this holiday for marketing:

  • Themed Promotions: Create special St. Patrick's Day-themed promotions and discounts to attract customers. Consider offering limited-time deals, such as "lucky" discounts or buy-one-get-one-free offers. Here's how Krispy Kreme did it in 2023 with the return of their fan-favorite green Original Glazed Doughnut.

  • Green-themed Products: Introduce or highlight products with a green theme to align with the traditional color associated with St. Patrick's Day. This can include clothing, accessories, or even specially-themed versions of existing products.

  • Social Media Engagement: Leverage social media platforms to create engaging and shareable content. Encourage user-generated content by running photo contests with a St. Patrick's Day theme, using branded hashtags.

20 March - International Day of Happiness

25 March - Holi Festival

29 March - Good Friday

31 March - Easter Sunday

Quarter 2 (Q2 2024)

The Ultimate E-Commerce and Retail Calendar 2024 - Q2 2024

April (Sexual Assault Awareness Month)

1 April - April’s Fools

2 April - World Autism Awareness Day

7 April - World Health Day

10 April - National Siblings Day

10 April - Start of Eid al-Fitr 

Eid al-Fitr, a joyous and significant festival in the Islamic calendar, emerges as a culmination of Ramadan, the holy month of fasting and spiritual reflection. With its mix of traditions and joyful celebrations, Eid al-Fitr gives retailers a great chance to connect with a diverse and engaged customer base. During this time of gift-giving and family get-togethers, stores can adjust their plans to match the cultural and religious aspects of the occasion, creating a sense of shared happiness and togetherness.

Moreover, the increased spirit of generosity and communal bonding during Eid al-Fitr translates into heightened consumer spending. Families embark on a journey of shopping for new attire, accessories, and thoughtful gifts. Retailers, attuned to this cultural inclination, can strategically position themselves to meet the surging demands by offering exclusive promotions, discounts, and Eid-themed product lines.

Within the confines of brick-and-mortar stores, the ambiance becomes a canvas for celebration. Eid-themed displays, festive decorations, and a warm, welcoming environment contribute to a positive and immersive shopping experience. This approach not only invites customers into the retail space but also aligns seamlessly with the festive spirit, making the shopping journey an integral part of the Eid celebrations.

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22 April - Earth Day

On April 22, 1970, Earth Day emerged as a pioneering initiative to enlighten Americans about the environmental impact of their consumption habits, shedding light on issues like air and water pollution. Fast forward to today, and Earth Day has evolved into a global movement, with companies actively participating in campaigns that underscore the importance of sustainability and environmental preservation.

According to AdAge, a significant 76% of US citizens express concern about the environment and climate change, with 78% considering these issues personally important. This growing awareness provides businesses with a unique opportunity to align with consumer values and contribute to positive change. Harness this momentum by promoting eco-friendly products and extending discounts to customers who opt for sustainable choices.

Alternatively, consider this as a catalyst to integrate sustainability into your core business values if you haven't already. Look to companies like Coca-Cola for inspiration, which effectively uses animated content featuring Bill Nye to demystify the plastic recycling process. By adopting such innovative and educational approaches, businesses can not only engage consumers but also actively contribute to the global conversation on environmental stewardship.

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24 April - Denim Day

28 April - National Superhero Day

May (Mental Health Awareness Month)

1 May - Labor Day

4 May - Star Wars Day

5 May - Cinco de Mayo 

12 May - Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day, observed on May 12, is not just a celebration of mothers but also a substantial sales opportunity. In 2023, Australians, on average, spent $92 each on gifts for their mothers, with popular choices including flowers, alcohol, food, and gift cards. To capture the attention of those looking to pamper the maternal figures in their lives, commence Mother’s Day promotions as early as April.

Strengthen your marketing approach by incorporating emotional storytelling, and sharing relatable anecdotes or memories that resonate with your customers. Encourage user-generated content by inviting customers to share their favorite memories with their mothers, creating a warm and engaging atmosphere around your brand during this special occasion.

12 May - International Nurses Day

17 May - World Baking Day

25 May - National Wine Day

27 May - Memorial Day (US)

June (Pride Month)

5 June - World Environment Day

8 June - National Best Friends Day

16 June - Father’s Day

June 16 marks Father's Day, presenting a lucrative opportunity for retailers akin to Mother’s Day. To make the most of this occasion, retailers can explore offerings beyond products, considering the increasing trend of families seeking experiences for fathers. Consider incorporating surprise offers and last-minute deals in the week leading up to the celebration to cater to the last-minute shopping habits associated with Father's Day.

Building on this, retailers can enhance their campaigns with nostalgic storytelling, sharing anecdotes that resonate with the audience's experiences and emotions. Offering limited-time deals or bundles tailored for diverse dad personas, such as the tech-savvy dad, the chef dad, or the outdoorsy dad, adds a personalized touch to the marketing approach.

Retailers can also draw inspiration from effective campaigns like Nike's 2021 Father’s Day ad, which depicted fathers as superheroes offering steadfast support and motivation. Similarly, SheaMoisture Men's collaboration with influencer Kareem James celebrated Black fatherhood through a unique lullaby. Leveraging these examples can guide retailers aiming to craft impactful and memorable Father’s Day campaigns.

16 June - Eid al-Adha

19 June - Juneteenth

21 June - First Day of Summer

21 June - International Day of Yoga

30 June - World Social Media Day

Quarter 3 (Q3 2024)

The Ultimate E-Commerce and Retail Calendar 2024 - Q3 2024


1 July - Canada Day 

1 July - Start of Wimbledon Tennis Championship

4 July - Independence Day (US)

17 July - World Emoji Day 

23 July - Amazon Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day, an annual shopping extravaganza exclusively for Amazon Prime members, spans 48 hours, presenting exclusive deals, discounts, and promotions across a diverse range of products. This event has grown into one of the most substantial online shopping phenomena globally, attracting millions of participants each year.

According to ChannelEngine, Amazon Prime Day 2023 achieved a remarkable milestone by establishing a new record, generating an unparalleled global revenue of $12.7 billion. Additionally, there was an impressive 6.1% year-over-year growth in the United States, further solidifying Prime Day's significance in the e-commerce landscape.

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As such, leveraging Amazon Prime Day can be a strategic move for retailers to boost sales, attract new customers, and enhance brand visibility. Here are some key strategies that retailers can employ to make the most of Amazon Prime Day this year:

  • Participate in Amazon Prime Day:

    • Optimize Product Listings:

      Ensure that your product listings are optimized with high-quality images, detailed product descriptions, and relevant keywords.

    • Competitive Pricing:

      Offer competitive prices and consider running time-sensitive promotions to attract price-sensitive consumers.

  • Create Exclusive Deals and Bundles:

    • Limited-Time Offers:

      Design exclusive deals and limited-time offers specifically for Amazon Prime Day. Highlight the urgency to encourage quick purchases.

    • Bundled Packages:

      Create value by bundling complementary products together, offering customers a more attractive deal when they purchase multiple items.

  • Optimize Inventory and Logistics:

    • Ample Stock:

      Ensure you have sufficient inventory to meet increased demand during Prime Day. Running out of stock can lead to missed opportunities and dissatisfied customers.

    • Efficient Logistics:

      Optimize your fulfillment and shipping processes to ensure timely deliveries. Offering fast shipping options can enhance the customer experience.

23 July - National Parent’s Day

26 July - Start of Summer Olympic Games

30 July - International Friendship Day 


1 August - National Girlfriend Day

National Girlfriend Day on August 1st is a celebration dedicated to honoring and appreciating the special bond between romantic partners. While not an official holiday, it has gained popularity on social media and among those who want to express their love and gratitude for their girlfriends.

A notable illustration of embracing the spirit of National Girlfriend Day can be found in the actions of Watsons, a renowned retailer. In a thoughtful move last year, Watsons crafted a gift guide that showcased its commitment to commemorating this special day. The retailer offered members a distinctive benefit—a chance to enjoy free delivery with a minimum $40 nett spend. This strategic initiative not only aligned seamlessly with the sentiments of the occasion but also significantly elevated the shopping experience for valued customers.

4 August - International Beer Day

8 August - International Cat Day

19 August - World Humanitarian Day

21 August - World Entrepreneurs Day

26 August - Women’s Equality Day

26 August - International Dog Day

28 August - Start of Summer Paralympics


8 September - International Literacy Day

8 September - National Grandparents’ Day

10 September - World Suicide Prevention Day

21 September - Start of Oktoberfest

The commencement of Oktoberfest on September 21st signals the beginning of the world-famous beer festival in Munich, Germany, and provides a unique opportunity for retailers to leverage this occasion to boost sales. Oktoberfest is not only a celebration of beer but also a cultural phenomenon that attracts a diverse global audience. Here are some ways in which retailers can capitalize on the spirit of Oktoberfest to promote sales:

  • Themed Merchandise and Special Offers:

    • Introduce Oktoberfest-themed merchandise such as branded mugs, clothing, and accessories. Consider offering special discounts or bundled deals on products related to the festivities.

  • Email Marketing with Oktoberfest Themes:

    • Craft email marketing campaigns with Oktoberfest-themed content. Highlight special promotions, featured products, or exclusive discounts for subscribers. Use engaging visuals and language that captures the festive spirit.

  • Culinary Offerings and Recipes:

    • If applicable, incorporate Oktoberfest-inspired culinary offerings or recipes. This could include food pairings, recipes for traditional German dishes, or even collaborations with local restaurants.

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21 September - International Day of Peace

21 September - World Alzheimer’s Day

27 September - World Tourism Day

29 September - Australian Football League (AFL) Grand Final

Quarter 4 (Q4 2024)

The Ultimate E-Commerce and Retail Calendar 2024 - Q4 2024


1 October - China’s National Day

1 October - International Coffee Day

1 October - World Vegetarian Day

3 October - National Boyfriend Day

10 October - World Mental Health Day

14 October - Canadian Thanksgiving

31 October - Halloween

Halloween offers retailers a distinctive and lucrative opportunity to boost sales by capitalizing on the widespread enthusiasm for this spooky holiday. Traditionally known as a single night dedicated to trick-or-treating, Halloween has transformed into a month-long festival of fun and excitement. This evolution presents a shift in consumer behavior, with individuals actively seeking a variety of Halloween-related items throughout the entire month of October.

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To fully leverage Halloween for increased sales, retailers should go beyond merely offering products and create a festive atmosphere. This can be achieved through in-store decorations, thematic displays, and engaging marketing campaigns that tap into the excitement and anticipation surrounding Halloween. Transforming the shopping experience into a festive journey enhances customer engagement and encourages additional spending.

31 October - Diwali

November (National Native American Heritage Month)

1 November - World Vegan Day

3 November - Daylight Savings Change

5 November - Melbourne Cup

11 November - Singles' Day

Singles' Day, also known as 11.11 or Double 11, originated in China as an anti-Valentine's Day celebration for singles. Over the years, it has evolved into the world's largest online shopping event, surpassing Black Friday and Cyber Monday in terms of sales. The significance of Singles' Day in the retail world cannot be overstated, as it represents a colossal opportunity for businesses to capitalize on the growing trend of online shopping and consumer enthusiasm for discounts and promotions.

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To leverage this unique shopping event effectively, businesses should adopt strategic approaches tailored to the essence of Singles' Day. Early planning is crucial, with comprehensive marketing strategies that include pre-event teasers, countdowns, and engaging content across various channels to capture the attention of the target audience. This multi-channel approach enhances brand visibility and encourages customer participation.

To extend engagement beyond Singles' Day, businesses can implement post-sale strategies such as follow-up promotions, loyalty programs, and exclusive deals for participating customers. Gathering customer feedback and reviews post-event is valuable for refining future strategies and improving the overall customer journey.

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11 November - Veterans Day (US)

28 November - Thanksgiving (US)

29 November - Black Friday

Black Friday and Cyber Monday (BFCM) have evolved into a retail phenomenon, marking the commencement of the holiday shopping season with unparalleled enthusiasm. In 2022, Australians showcased their robust spending power, contributing a staggering $7.1 billion during these sales events. This figure not only attests to the commercial significance of BFCM but also surpasses the traditionally acclaimed Boxing Day sales.

For retailers, standing out in the crowded BFCM landscape requires strategic planning and innovative marketing approaches. Multichannel marketing, encompassing platforms like social media, email, and SMS, becomes instrumental in reaching a wide audience. Crafting compelling promotions with exclusive discounts and emphasizing the limited-time nature of these offers is key to capturing consumer attention and fostering a sense of urgency.

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30 November - Small Business Saturday


2 December - Cyber Monday

7 December - Start of Hanukkah

14 December - National Free Shipping Day (US)

National Free Shipping Day, typically observed in mid-December, stands out as a strategic and popular retail event that caters to the preferences of last-minute holiday shoppers. On this day, online retailers make a compelling offer – free shipping with a guarantee that items will be delivered by Christmas Eve. This initiative not only appeals to cost-conscious consumers but also provides a convenient solution for those aiming to conclude their holiday shopping while avoiding the hustle and bustle of crowded stores.

As a retailer, effective promotion of Free Shipping Day is essential, and this promotion should commence well in advance of the actual event. By doing so, businesses can build anticipation and capture the attention of shoppers preparing to make their final holiday purchases. Emphasizing the limited-time nature of the free shipping offer creates a sense of urgency, prompting customers to act promptly.

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21 December - Panic Saturday

21 December - First Day of Winter

25 December - Christmas Day

26 December - Boxing Day

Boxing Day, observed on December 26, is a significant shopping day in several countries, including the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Traditionally, it was a day when employers would give their employees "Christmas boxes" containing gifts or bonuses. In the modern context, Boxing Day has evolved into a major retail event, marked by large-scale sales and discounts.

For retailers, Boxing Day sales provide an opportunity to clear out excess holiday inventory, attract shoppers with attractive promotions, and boost end-of-year revenue. Effective marketing strategies, both in-store and online, play a crucial role in drawing customers and maximizing sales during this post-Christmas shopping extravaganza.

31 December - New Year’s Eve

Master Your Marketing Calendar for E-Commerce Success in 2024

In conclusion, having a well-organized and proactive marketing strategy is essential for e-commerce businesses to navigate the dynamic landscape of the retail industry in 2024. This comprehensive calendar provides a roadmap for planning product launches, marketing campaigns, and promotions around key events and milestones throughout the year.

By staying informed and leveraging the diverse array of dates in this calendar, e-commerce businesses can create meaningful connections with their audience, foster brand loyalty, and ultimately achieve success in the competitive retail landscape of 2024. Remember, adaptability and creativity will be key in making the most of these opportunities and staying ahead of industry trends.

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