The State of E-Commerce in Switzerland

Aug 13, 2020

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Switzerland is the 20th largest economy in the world, with a nominal GDP of US$715.36 billion. Despite having little natural resources of its own and a relatively small population size of 8.65 million, the country has one of the leading economies in Europe. In fact, Switzerland was just awarded third place in IMD’s 2020 World Competitiveness Ranking, with its robust international trade fuelling its strong economic performance. 

The e-commerce market in Switzerland is also expected to reach US$8.57 million in 2020. According to a study by Global-e in 2019, the number of online shoppers in Switzerland is expected to reach 6.7 million in 2023. With the current e-commerce boom, it is likely this number would have increased beyond past projections; consistent with growth patterns throughout the world. 

This week we looked into Switzerland’s state of e-commerce and here’s what we found:

  • 1.4 days of average transit time to first delivery attempt

    Data from The World Bank shows that the logistics competence of Switzerland is at 3.97. This is higher than the average in Europe at 3.21 (lowest score being 1, and the highest score being 5). In terms of timeliness, Switzerland also scored significantly higher than the region, with a score of 4.24 as compared to 3.65. This means that more shipments in Switzerland are arriving within the scheduled delivery time on average than the region.

  • 9% of parcels are delivered to Collection Points

    In our infographic on collection points in Europe, we briefly touched on Switzerland’s usage of collection points from 2019 to the first half of 2020. Switzerland is gradually expanding the number of parcel lockers in the country and Swiss Post is looking to open its 200th locker by 2021. Collection points provide consumers with greater flexibility and convenience in receiving their parcels; saving them the hassle of contacting logistics carriers to reschedule any missed deliveries.

  • 46% of International shipments are from Germany and Austria

    Online shopping is popular with the Swiss and the number of online shoppers is constantly growing. The top e-commerce sites that the Swiss are shopping from include Germany-based Zalando, Amazon, and Digitech. 

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