Guest Post: The Benefits of Micro-Influencers: How Brands Can Use Them To Boost UGC

Aug 21, 2022

You want your brand to maximize its marketing effectiveness, but you don’t want to spend tons of money on pricey influencers, ineffective PPC ads, or other inefficient marketing vectors. Good news: there’s another way you can bolster brand awareness while marketing cost-effectively.

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It’s called marketing through UGC or user-generated content. When leveraged properly, UGC can give your brand all the marketing inertia it needs to thrive. Even better, you can utilize “micro-influencers” to boost UGC and your brand’s attractiveness simultaneously.

What Are “Micro-Influencers”? 

So-called micro-influencers are any social media users who have relatively small followings. Relatively small means between 10,000 and 50,000 followers – that might be a lot for an average social media user, but it is comparatively small when examined next to the follower count of some of the most popular influencers and advertising agents online.

In short, micro-influencers are those budding or aspirational influencers who don’t yet have massive follower counts.

What is UGC?

UGC or user-generated content is any content made by, you guessed it, users of social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. In a marketing context, UGC is any content that:

  • Mentions your brand

  • Showcases your product or services

  • Acts as organic marketing material for your overall marketing strategy

Imagine that one of your customers sees a micro-influencer talk about your retail brand on their favorite social media platform. Because the micro-influencer speaks positively about your brand, the customer is inspired to post their own content describing their experience with your product. In doing so, they create positive user-generated content.

In theory, this drives a positive marketing cycle that can contribute significantly to:

  • Brand awareness

  • Brand authority for those who aren’t yet aware of your company

  • Brand reputation

  • Sales and conversions, etc.

In other words, it’s harnessing the content generation scale of modern social media platforms to benefit your marketing goals!

Benefits of Leveraging Micro-Influencers

There are many benefits to using micro-influencers in your social media marketing strategies. Let’s take a look at those benefits one by one.

Cost-Efficient Marketing

For starters, micro-influencer marketing is comparatively cost-efficient next to hiring and retaining influencers with larger follower counts. 

Most micro-influencers charge around $100-$500 per post or mention of your brand. In comparison, more established influencers with bigger followings can charge thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars for one post.

The good news: micro-influencers have very high engagement rates. That means, for every marketing dollar you spend on this strategy, you’ll get a better bang for your buck. It’s a big improvement over other marketing strategies, especially considering that more than 52% of businesses have had to take out loans post-COVID-19 and need a boost in their revenue.

Fosters a Sense of Community

On top of that, micro-influencers help to foster a true sense of community in your users and growing fans. Because they don’t have huge follower counts, many micro-influencers come across as more authentic and genuine to their viewers.

This reflects positively on your brand. After all, if you associate with authentic micro-influencers, your brand must be similarly authentic and trustworthy!

In addition, by driving user content generation, micro-influencers help bind people together and form a social network dedicated to supporting or talking about your brand. This is invaluable, especially in the earlier days of your company’s history when trying to build up a loyal audience from scratch.

Drives More UGC Marketing Through Empowering Customers

As mentioned above, micro-influencers can help drive UGC marketing by empowering and inspiring customers to make their own videos or other content about your company.

As in the above example, users may very well watch content from a micro-influencer, then decide to make content mentioning or praising your products as well. While the reverse is also possible – for example, a user can make a negative or takedown video about your company – it’s much less likely.

By empowering your customers to make content about your brand, you essentially benefit from “free” marketing. The more people talk about your enterprise, the easier time you’ll have getting more customers to check out your website or e-commerce store!

Organic Traffic Generation

Micro-influencers can be very beneficial when trying to boost organic traffic to your website or online shop. Organic traffic generation is crucial for new companies. It’s much better to get a ton of organic traffic than to pay for all that traffic (which may not necessarily result in many sales).

Organic traffic is comparatively “free” and may lead to significant increases in sales. Furthermore, by improving organic traffic generation, you’ll simultaneously improve brand awareness and generate more leads for future marketing and long-term customer retention efforts.

Micro-influencers generate organic traffic by mentioning your website, directing their followers to check out your company, and through other advertising methods. The better your chosen micro-influencers are, the better and higher quantity of organic traffic you can expect. 

Bolstered Brand Loyalty

Perhaps most importantly, micro-influencers can further benefit your organization by bolstering brand loyalty. Customers who find your brand via a micro-influencer are more likely to stick with your company through thick and thin since they already have an emotional connection to it.

Brand loyalty is highly critical if you want your company to succeed in the long term. The more loyal your customer base is, the more sales and the more revenues you can expect that customer base to generate in the future. That’s vital for small businesses and e-commerce store owners, considering acquiring new customers costs more than retaining current ones.

How Best To Use Micro-Influencer Marketing

Of course, you have to leverage micro-influencer marketing wisely and strategically if you want to take full advantage of the above benefits. The best way to use micro-influencer marketing is to:

  • Set a clear goal and benchmarks to pursue. Make sure you have your KPIs defined before you begin your campaign.

  • Carefully research your target audience and determine the type of influencers you should target.

  • Connect with the right micro-influencers for your needs. The ideal micro-influencers should fit your brand’s goals and aesthetics and already appeal to your target audience. In the best-case scenario, they’ll already have some of those target customers as part of their followers.

  • Establish a budget and stick to it, so you know exactly how much you’ll pay. This will help you keep your finances in check and grow the capital you can reinvest in your business.

  • Monitor the campaign as it progresses. Don’t hesitate to connect with multiple micro-influencers simultaneously and have them compete against each other. The ones that do the best can stay on for another campaign, and you’ll both reap increasingly profitable rewards.

Don’t forget to sign an agreement with the influencer you decide to work with. It might be tempting to skip this step, but formalizing a contract is important for avoiding problems later down the line. 

Detail things like contract length, expected deliverables, deadlines, the approval process, whether they have to work with you exclusively, etc. You should also discuss payment terms, including which payment methods you use and how long it takes them to get paid. 

For example, payments from online banks are almost instant, while with most bank accounts, it takes1-2 business days on average for payments to clear. A formal contract will ensure both parties are aware of their rights and obligations and know how to terminate the relationship if things don’t work out. 

Wrap Up

As you can see, micro-influencers are the key to improving your brand’s UGC and spreading it across the internet. With the right micro-influencers working for your marketing strategy, you’ll see major improvements in your business’s conversion rate, revenue generation, and other key metrics.

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