Tech Spotlight: Empowerin...

Tech Spotlight: Empowering Consumers’ Decisions with

Oct 01, 2021
Tech Spotlight: Empowering Consumers’ Decisions with

We have covered several companies making waves in the retail and e-commerce sectors with case studies on LululemonLoopInstacart and Snocks. Now, we are bringing even more insight to the e-commerce logistics world with our new Tech Spotlight series. We will be featuring an exciting array of the latest software and technology companies that value-add to the e-commerce logistics sector. 

Kicking off our first-ever Tech Spotlight, we are honored to be featuring award-winning business solutions provider, They provide a review collection tool that allows companies to collect reviews from customers which boosts conversions, builds trust among customers, and enhances their brand. 

The company started from our kitchen table with my wife and Co-founder Nikki in 2010. During the company’s early years, I acted as the developer and dereviesigner for the entire platform., safe to say today I’m backed by some really talented individuals. 

Big corporations in the review space that focus more on sales targets than their customers, shouldn’t have a monopoly on the truth. Reviews for us is about providing genuine authentic feedback. As a family run business we’re an independent team who answer only to our customers.” Callum Mckeefery, CEO & Co-Founder

But you might be thinking, how do genuine reviews significantly boost a company’s brand and business? Read on to find out how companies are using to fire up their success.

Company reviews help customers trust your brand

Collecting genuine customer reviews can go a long way in building trust among customers. According to a survey by BrightLocal, consumers read an average of 10 reviews online before trusting a company, with 57% of consumers only doing business with a firm if it has four or more stars out of five. On the flip side, consumers are also more hesitant to make a purchase if there are no reviews available at all. 

What this shows is the huge importance of company reviews in providing an immediate sense of reliability and trust to potential customers — a foundation of any serious business looking to grow. Besides building trust, reviews also help to boost companies’ clickthrough rates (CTR) on their Google ads. is a Google-licensed review partner, which allows companies to earn Google review stars and showcase these ratings in Google shopping ads. By displaying Google review stars on an ad, customers are more likely to click through which lowers companies’ pay-per-click (PPC) costs. This also gives companies more potential leads.

Tech Spotlight: Empowering Consumers’ Decisions with - Company Reviews

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Product reviews supercharge conversions, engagement, and improve consumers’ shopping experience

Featuring Google review stars on product pages adds authenticity and credibility, especially when online shopping can get a little detached and impersonal. Genuine reviews help brands stand out from the rest and attract consumers to click on that ‘Buy Now’ button. In fact, having at least five quality product reviews can increase conversions by as much as 270%.

Being a Google-licensed review platform, is able to help companies collect and sync all product reviews with Google Shopping listings, which not only raises companies’ visibility online, but also boosts conversions by up to 28%. Most notably, when it comes to video product reviews, allows brands to share video reviews easily to a website and all social media platforms in just a few clicks. The ease of doing this becomes ever so important when video reviews are three times more effective in building trust and credibility compared to text or image content, and allows customers to have personal engagement with brands.

Product Reviews -

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Ever since joining, online hosiery store The Tight Spot has seen a 30% increase in on-page conversions after collecting and implementing their Product Reviews. Through user-generated Product Reviews, customers were able to make more informed purchasing decisions when buying items they were not able to physically try on, reducing customer dissatisfaction. 

Local reviews put brands ahead of the competition 

Stand out from the crowd with local reviews. helps companies show up higher on local search results on Google Local organic rankings by tapping on local reviews on Google Maps. This gives companies greater visibility and a stronger reputation compared to the local competition, allowing them to cut through the noise and become a preferred choice in the locale.

Tech Spotlight: Empowering Consumers’ Decisions with - local reviews

(Image source: simplified the process by allowing companies to collect and publish reviews from multiple sites, giving companies more control over their online reputation.

A community of powerful influencers sets brands up for growth

There is arguably no better way to market a product than word-of-mouth. 63% of consumers ranging from 18 to 35 years of age are reported to trust what influencers say about brands more so than what brands say about themselves. In fact, marketing campaigns that leverage on micro influencers to review  brands with their network can increase sales by up to 18%.

But how and where do companies even begin with influencer marketing? has a less daunting method by providing companies with a list of Instagram users that have shopped their products, left reviews, or even mentioned them in a post. This streamlines the process of selecting the most suitable influencers, seeing what and when they bought an item, and contacting them for collaborations.

Tech Spotlight: Empowering Consumers’ Decisions with - Video Reviews

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Turning negative reviews into business opportunities

While many businesses are afraid of negative reviews, it is actually one of the biggest opportunities a business can have. When consumers research for brands, they also take into account 1-star reviews. They want to ensure that they are making the right choice and negative reviews are often the dealbreakers. 

By being proactive and responsive to these negative reviews, businesses are showing consumers that they care about their experience and are willing to improve. These negative reviews help to build trust between the business and the customer, and can said to be more impactful than any 5-star reviews. 

The humble review — not as humble as we thought it would be?

Customer reviews really do go a long way and can boost companies’ long term growth and success. While it can be challenging for some brands, helps companies get the most out of their customer reviews in an innovative, affordable and user-friendly manner. With having helped many businesses achieve success, it is exciting to see how they will grow in this space in the near future

In the meantime, do keep a lookout for more tech spotlights coming your way! 

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About aims to grow customers’ online reputation through authentic reviews. As Google-licensed partners, we’ll improve your Google ratings as well as offer seamless integration with many eCommerce platforms and shop services.

Already have reviews? Our services will allow you to integrate with popular social platforms and share UGC, driving conversion rates, improving your reputation and building trust with your customers.

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