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Tech Spotlight: Building ‘Anywhere Commerce’ with Bold Commerce

Oct 28, 2021

A decade ago, e-commerce retailers welcomed the shift to all-in-one SaaS platforms. Fast forward to today, retailers have outgrown the same platforms that once liberated their business. Retailers are now looking for a solution that allows them to sell wherever their customers are, within the digital space. 

Bold Commerce understood this need and responded by developing a headless checkout solution that enables brands to offer “anywhere commerce.” One of Canada’s fastest-growing companies, they have worked with leading omni-retail brands like Vera Bradley, Harry Rosen, and Staples Canada. Bold’s suite of modular Checkout, Subscriptions, and Price Rules solutions is compatible with multiple commerce platforms and headless architectures. 

Building checkout functionality decoupled from the platform makes it possible to transform any digital user experience into a unified commerce experience. Businesses are no longer limited to selling from a website or held back by disconnected omnichannel experiences. Brands can turn shoppable moments into revenue on any digital channel, without having to build or modify back-end functionality or migrate to a new platform.

“Anywhere Commerce is more than just being on every digital channel — it’s about connecting with shoppers where they are, with what they want, when they need it. With headless checkout, brands can differentiate themselves and integrate their vision into every part of the consumer journey, and on every digital channel they’re on.” – Yvan Boisjoli, CEO, Bold Commerce.

Optimizing consumers’ checkout experience through headless checkout

Along with the advancement of technology, e-commerce is becoming more and more popular amongst consumers. However, many businesses are finding it difficult to design seamless, fuss-free online checkout experiences for end-consumers. Bold Commerce aims to provide a comprehensive and flexible checkout solution across all online channels.

To achieve this, Bold provides a solution to help businesses customize checkout experience using headless checkout – i.e. through APIs,  webhooks, and display custom URLs. Businesses can choose from a variety of checkout options, such as one-page or multi-step checkouts.

Tech Spotlight: Bold Commerce - Checkout

(Image source: Bold Commerce)

Bold’s checkout framework supports checkout functionalities across multiple gateways, and comes with pre-built integrations such as tax, fraud, and shipping. Bold offers various payment methods such as Google Pay, Apple Pay, PayPal, etc. At the same time, Bold’s checkout framework also helps to connect different markets around the globe through features like multi-currency payments or allowing consumers to choose their local language. 

Retain customers with a flexible subscription system

As products and services are constantly improving, businesses seek solutions that help them remain competitive in the industry. Bold suggests solutions to build the optimal subscription system and help businesses retain customers.

The company focuses on consumers’ subscription experience by giving them control over managing active subscriptions and recurring orders. Customers are able to customize their own orders as well as subscription options, which reduces constant chasers and reminders from merchants when it expires. 

Tech Spotlight: Bold Commerce - Subscription

(Image source: Bold Commerce)

Vegan pet food company V-dog converted more than half of their customers into loyal subscribers by using Bold Subscription and Bold Upsell solutions. V-dog said that giving customers control over their orders is a key factor in helping them attract subscribers. 

Capture consumers’ hearts with intelligent pricing and promotions

Price is the first thing consumers pay attention to when shopping. If businesses knew how to balance prices, promotions and profits, they would have a competitive advantage in the market. Bold helps businesses build effective pricing and promotion rules across all sales avenues. E-commerce merchants can create advanced, targeted promotions using Bold; from customer-profile pricing, location-specific pricing, to conditional pricing. 

Tech Spotlight: Bold Commerce - Intelligent Pricing

(Image source: Bold Commerce)

With a powerful API system, Bold assists businesses to display prices dynamically on an array of platforms and touchpoints, including social channels, POS systems, and in-store kiosks. Companies can integrate Bold’s platform with their existing backend systems for better management of pricing and promotions.

Office supplies retailer Staples Canada saw positive results after adopting Bold’s e-commerce solutions. By implementing checkout solutions, price rules, and the BOPIS method, they witnessed records in traffic and 100% reliability orders, including BFCM and COVID periods.

Headless checkout – meeting consumers wherever they are 

The checkout process can make or break a consumer’s e-commerce experience, and even lead to cart abandonment. Bold’s flexible yet comprehensive platform, a headless checkout solution, is one of the innovations that emerged from headless commerce. By separating the purchase and payments experience from e-commerce stores, companies can now sell products (and consumers can purchase them) from virtually anywhere. With the results achieved by businesses who have worked with Bold Commerce, we will be keeping a lookout for the growth of this business in the future.

In the meantime, stay tuned for more tech spotlights coming your way!

About Bold Commerce 

Bold Commerce is powering anywhere commerce for brands by delivering high-converting, customizable checkout experiences. The company works with leading omnichannel retailers like Vera Bradley, Harry Rosen, and Staples Canada, and emerging DTC brands, such as Pepsi’s Game Fuel, to reimagine commerce. Its proprietary suite of modular checkout, subscriptions, and price rules solutions is compatible with multiple e-commerce platforms and headless architectures. 

Bold Commerce has been recognized for various awards such as “Spirit of Winnipeg’s Start-up Business of the Year”, and being named #6 on Startup 50’s ranking of Canada’s Top New Growth Companies. Bold was ranked one of the fastest-growing tech companies in Canada by Deloitte, one of Canada’s Top SME Employers, E&Y’s Entrepreneur of the Year, and CBInsights’ Retail Tech 100.

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