Retail Case Study: Lulule...

Retail Case Study: Lululemon’s E-Commerce Journey

Feb 22, 2023
  • In Q2 2021, Lululemon announced a couple of new sustainability initiatives that emphasized its commitment to its Impact Agenda while also highlighting its ongoing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts.

  • Lululemon's Q4 net revenue increased by 23% to $2.1 billion while the total comparable sales rose by 22%.

  • As part of its new five-year growth plan, Lululemon hopes to double its revenue to $12.5 billion by 2026.

Lululemon is a name that many people know and love.

What started off as a small, family-owned business in Vancouver, has turned into a multi-billion dollar company with a market cap of over $45 billion. Today, it is one of the best-performing retailers in the world, with a growth trajectory that is envied by many.

In spite of the challenges brought about by the pandemic, the athletic apparel fashion brand has achieved multiple milestones in the last few years. Follow us as we take you through the brand’s e-commerce journey and explore the strategies they implemented along the way that helped them achieve such phenomenal growth.

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