Rakuten Insight: COVID-19’s impact on US consumers

Aug 07, 2020

Following our previous feature of Rakuten Insight’s report on international shopping trends across 12 markets, we have another study focused on the US market. Rakuten Insight surveyed 950 US consumers to examine how their shopping habits have changed due to COVID-19. 

Rakuten Insights Summary

In contrast to the previous study, where on average 31% of international consumers expressed that they “will save as much of my money as I can”, only 22% of US respondents are looking to do the same. 

We’re also seeing a shift towards prioritizing the purchasing of essentials.24% of US respondents plan to only spend their money on food and essentials for some time. 

Essential items top the list of current and/or planned purchases for US consumers. The top 4 product categories selected by respondents were:

  1. ‘Food and Groceries’ (81%), 

  2. ‘Cleaning Supplies’ (61%), 

  3. ‘Personal Care’ (52%) and,

  4. ‘Bathroom Supplies’ (52%). 

True enough, these numbers are consistent with the panic buying of food and essentials which started early March from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Finally, almost half of the US consumers surveyed plan to shop both online and in-stores in 2021. Despite these circumstances, it seems like consumers around the world remain optimistic at returning to shopping in-store in the future. 

For a detailed analysis into US consumers, check out the full report from Rakuten Insight here

About Rakuten Insight

Over the last two decades, Rakuten Insight has remained at the forefront of consumer market research data collection in the region. Rakuten Insight’s online panels have been developed throughout 12 major Asian countries and regions, all of which are managed by dedicated local support teams and meet the highest standard of the industry. 

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