Here’s Your Solution To Your Parcel Tracking Inquiries

Aug 01, 2018

As customers, it’s now easy to get in touch with a business to get answers for your parcel tracking inquiries.

Before, you needed to send an email to their customer support email or give them a call.

Now, with the rise of multiple social media channels, live chatbots and messaging services, you can reach out to their business at the touch of a button across numerous channels.

You know what you want, and you want it delivered fast. With your smartphone always at hand, you want to know, choose options or change your mind at any given moment.

You want flexibility, options and speed.  

The delivery market is evolving.

We understand your expectations are rising.

A study done by US same-day-deliveries startup Dropoff reveals the number of Americans expecting a same-day delivery option in their retailer’s checkout has grown by 23%; for a total of 43%. In 2018, Millennials expect companies to have ‘much faster’ delivery times than a year ago.

And with millions of parcels being delivered worldwide every single day, that’s a lot of parcels to deliver on time. Unfortunately, most delivery providers aren’t meeting your rising expectations.

In the Drop-off survey, 78% of consumers say they’ve experienced packages arriving late (up from 70% in 2017) and 56% of consumers received damaged packages (up from 42% in 2017).

It’s challenging to track your deliveries unless you go directly to your logistics carriers. But carrier’s customer service are frequently understaffed and unable to cope with the high volume of parcel tracking inquiries.

Customer service on social media for parcel tracking inquiries can be improved.

We understand you take to social media to express your frustrations.

Research conducted by Twitter shows 80% of users had @mentioned a brand during the 6-month study duration. Customer service interactions have increased by 2.5 times in the last two years.

Furthermore, research by Reverse Logistics shows almost a quarter (23%) of respondents have used social media to complain about poor order and delivery services.

Let’s illustrate this. 

A sentiment analysis carried out by social monitoring agency Brandwatch on delivery companies UPS, and FedEx found there was a higher percentage of negative conversation across both brands compared to similar studies done in other industries.

brandwatch - carrier data

Source: Brandwatch

Brandwatch also found UPS scored higher in social mentions of late deliveries, missed deliveries, damaged deliveries, rude drivers, and poor customer service.

brandwatch - graph

Source: Brandwatch

We understand a late delivery or poor customer service when you’re trying to resolve a problem is frustrating.

With GDPR / DSGVO, logistics carriers also face their own challenges to answer parcel tracking inquiries. 

Logistics carriers face their own challenges.

With the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) or DSGVO in Germany implemented in May, your logistics carriers like DHL and FedEx cannot send out any parcel tracking and delivery notifications (whether by email or phone) without obtaining explicit consent from you that’s it’s okay to use their personal data for the delivery notifications.

“Independent data protection authorities in the EU declared online merchants can only forward email addresses of their customers to logistics service providers and delivery partners with the customer’s consent.”

But you don’t want to worry about all these legislation. All you are looking for is regular updates and transparency of where your parcels are at any given moment. That’s the customer service that you deserve.  

Fortunately, we have a solution for your parcel tracking inquiries with Parcel Monitor & Pax

Track your parcels with Parcel Monitor

With our one-stop parcel tracking solution, Parcel Monitor, you can use a single website to track parcels across multiple carriers. View all your deliveries in one overview and get regular, automated email updates across 800+ carriers and 30+ languages for all your deliveries.  

You can finally find out where your parcels are at any given time. No more going through the tedium of navigating customer service phone lines live chats and countless email conversations; you can do it all from Facebook Messenger.

“Pax provides you with all available details on your parcel status, map it to an easy to understand the process and even get you the needed courier contact information in case you need to reach out to them – all within Facebook!”

Here’s how you can speed up your parcel tracking inquiry process:

Go directly to the Parcel Monitor Facebook Page and click Get Started within Messenger. Through Facebook Messenger, you can instantly get more information about the parcel delivery status and carrier information.

If you need more information with your parcel, you have the option to either visit the logistics carrier’s website contact them via phone for more details or rate your delivery experience within Parcel Monitor.

You have the option to rate your delivery experience according to specific parameters or enter more detailed feedback if so desired. No need to fill up complicated service request forms, all your parcel tracking needs can be met from Parcel Monitor.

Skip the waiting lines at your carrier’s customer service. Skip the confusion and wondering where your parcels are. Get your tracking updates instantly and in real-time with Parcel Monitor.

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