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Jul 12, 2022

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As a community built upon data, synergy and innovation, Parcel Monitor is all about creating a collaborative space to share and exchange the latest insights in the e-commerce logistics industry. Millions of consumers also rely on Parcel Monitor’s free parcel tracking to monitor the status of their parcels across 850+ carriers globally.

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Consumers’ Guide to Tracking Parcels 

Everyone loves a great shopping experience, even more so when it comes to parcel tracking and delivery. With Parcel Monitor’s global tracking functionality, shoppers can easily follow through their e-commerce parcel’s journey in real-time from start to finish with guaranteed shipment visibility. Thanks to the notification feature, consumers will also receive accurate email updates on the status of their parcels. Once they are done tracking their parcels, users can even share their thoughts on their tracking experience with the rest of the Parcel Monitor community.

Here’s how you can track your parcel(s) with Parcel Monitor:

1. Find your parcel tracking number from your order confirmation email 

After hitting that “check out” button on the e-commerce store, an order confirmation email will be sent to the customer. In the email, an order ID or shipment ID will be included depending on the order status. Alternatively, a second email notification will be sent to the customer once the order has been shipped. 

In the second email, the customer will receive a unique set of parcel tracking numbers attached to their parcel. Using this parcel tracking number, the customer can track their packages simply by entering it to the free parcel tracking software they are using. 

PM for Consumers

(Global parcel tracking tool - Parcel Monitor)

Hit “enter” and the customer will be taken to the current location of their parcel. Customers will be able to follow their package’s delivery route and know where exactly their parcel is - in transit, the package has arrived at the local sorting center, or out for delivery.

These statuses provide customers with a sense of security as they are able to follow through the entire delivery journey and receive live updates.  

If the customer is unable to find a parcel tracking number, they should contact the e-commerce store they ordered from. The retailer should have all the information regarding the shipment and provide a tracking number (shipment ID). 

2. Carrier Specific Parcel Tracking

Most parcel tracking services have parcel details with different logistics carriers like USPS, UPS, FedEx, China Post, Yun Express, and more. If the customer has received a notification with a parcel tracking number as well as the carrier responsible for the last-mile delivery, they will be able to track their parcels according to the carriers. 

Here’s an example of a carrier-specific parcel tracking:

  • Customers receive an email notification from the retailer saying that their order has been shipped

  • A parcel tracking number tracking link is included in the email to allow customers to track the status of their order 

  • Customers can click on the link and get directed to the tracking page of the designated carrier and check the status of their package globally

If the designated carrier is USPS, the customer will receive a parcel tracking number that will allow them to track their package with USPS. All they need to do is copy the tracking number and paste into a USPS parcel tracking tool and receive real-time tracking information on their parcels. 

3. Parcel Tracking With Different Online Retailers

In addition to tracking a package through carriers, customers can also access their parcel’s delivery journey through retailer-specific tracking pages. Many retailers and brands now offer a branded tracking page for their customers to track their orders. 

Simply copy and paste the tracking number onto the tracking widget the retailer has provided and get updates on the latest delivery status. Retailers often send an email notification to customers as soon as their order is dispatched. The notification will have a parcel tracking number attached to it so that customers can use it to track their order’s delivery journey. 

PM for Consumers

(Image source: ASOS) 

ASOS, for instance, sends out an email notification to the customer along with an option to track their parcel; customers can easily track their ASOS packages.

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4. Universal Package Tracking Made Easy 

Customers can now track and trace their parcels easily with an assigned tracking number. Retailers can also keep track of their own shipments as well as provide parcel tracking details to their end customers as a post-purchase follow-up. 

Parcel tracking is now accessible to anyone with a package tracking number. No customers should have to wait endlessly for an order update. Allowing customers to track their own parcels is essential as it gives them peace of mind; they no longer have to wonder “Where is my order?”.

There are many free parcel tracking software available, however, very little provide real-time parcel updates. Parcel Monitor’s global package tracking tool tracks across 800+ carriers universally: USPS, UPS, FedEx, China Post, Yunexpress, Australia Post, Canada Post, DHL, Philippines Post and more. 

Our universal parcel tracking tool also provides language translation and is available in ALL countries. Expect to track parcels in Singapore, Germany, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, United States, Philippines, and many more.  

Why Is Parcel Tracking Important for Businesses? 

Focusing on a strong customer retention strategy has become mandatory for brands that want to succeed in the current era of customer-centric commerce. 97% of online shoppers expect to be notified or proactively monitor their parcels throughout every step of the shipping process.  As a business, providing real-time parcel tracking information is a healthy practice that has numerous benefits both for your company and your customers. Key benefits of parcel tracking include: 

Enhance Customer Experience

The post-purchase phase of the customer journey invites a heightened level of anxiety and stress. The main goal for businesses is to reduce buyer’s remorse and anxiety in the post-purchase experience with timely updates and notifications on their delivery status. By providing a customer experience strategy such as a branded parcel tracking feature, it can prevent potential shipping-related complaints and offer customers a comfortable shopping experience. 

Parcel Monitor’s universal parcel tracking feature allows customers to follow through every step of their e-commerce parcel’s journey in real-time from start to finish with guaranteed shipment visibility. Shoppers will then be notified of the status of your parcels with our accurate, real-time package tracking feature. Offering a unified experience, it helps to quell the most anxious period in the customer’s journey, allowing shoppers to have a memorable and seamless post-purchase experience. 

Increase Customer Lifetime Value

Retaining customers is far more cost-effective than acquiring new ones. Studies have shown that ​​4 out of 5 consumers have switched brands due to poor delivery experiences. Make final mile delivery a key part of your customer experience and retention strategies. This increases the likelihood to repurchase and advocate for your brand and hence, resulting in an increase in customer lifetime value.

Increase Customer Retention 

They say a merchant’s work isn’t finished once consumers check out their carts. The post-purchase of customer journey remains crucial for building customer loyalty and retention. As customers eagerly anticipate the arrival of their orders, having transparent and timely communication as part of your customer retention strategy. This allows trust to be established, fostering positive relationships with customers which drives repeat purchases, retention and ultimately, brand loyalty.

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