Navigating the Top Pain P...

Navigating the Top Pain Points of Parcel Deliveries in Asia

Mar 14, 2023

Navigating the Top Pain Points of Parcel Deliveries in Asia 

With its revenue expected to reach 2,059 billion U.S dollars this year, the Asian e-commerce market is one of the most robust and fastest growing in the world. Every year, an increasing number of e-commerce outlets are springing up on the continent to take up the challenge of catering to Asian consumers.

As consumers in the region make their daily choices of retailers to shop from, they are attracted to retailers that offer them certain services and guarantees that make their shopping experience more rewarding and offer them more peace of mind. In this article, we partner with Rakuten Insight to bring you the top pain points that Asian digital consumers face. What are these concerns? Why are they so important to consumers? 

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