Navigating the New Retail...

Navigating the New Retail Landscape With The Body Shop India

Mar 10, 2023
Navigating the New Retail Landscape With The Body Shop India

The retail industry is constantly evolving, with new technologies and shifting consumer preferences shaping the way businesses operate. The rise of e-commerce, social media, and sustainability concerns have further added to the complexity of this landscape, creating both challenges and opportunities for retailers around the world. In this dynamic and highly competitive environment, retailers must be able to adapt and evolve in order to stay relevant and succeed in the marketplace.

The Body Shop is a global beauty brand known for its commitment to ethical and sustainable practices. As the retail industry continues to evolve, The Body Shop has been implementing innovative strategies to differentiate themselves and stay ahead of the curve. In the latest episode of “Unpacking E-Commerce Logistics'' series, we had the honor to interview Atul Shivnani , General Manager - Product, E-commerce & Digital of The Body Shop India about the secrets behind navigating the ever-changing retail landscape.

Key highlights of this episode include:

  • How The Body Shop India overcame its biggest challenges

  • The company’s customer acquisition strategy

  • What the team has done as part of its efforts toward achieving retail sustainability

  • Strategies that direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands can implement to maintain their competitive advantage.

For the full discussion, check out the video here. You wouldn’t want to miss it!

During the session, Atul acknowledges the increasing demand for cruelty-free products and sustainable packaging in the self-care and beauty industry. In fact, The Body Shop India has been leading sustainability initiatives even before it became a trend. They have taken local in-market initiatives such as using reusable aluminum containers and offering refillable chargers at stores. The brand has also introduced the “Bring back our bottles” initiative to recycle plastic bottles. The Body Shop India's sustainability report is available on their global website for visitors to follow their efforts.

According to Atul, The Body Shop India places a strong emphasis on acquiring and retaining customers, with the aim of keeping them for a minimum of 10 years. To achieve this, they focus on various customer engagement tactics and strive to strike a balance between being part of the Body Shop ecosystem's loyal customer group and catering to multi-channel consumers who engage in advocacy projects. To bring relationships beyond transactions into their loyalty program, a revamped approach that includes diverse customer engagements may be worth exploring, says Atul.

About Atul Shivnani

With more than 13 years of experience across technology firms, digital agencies and retail brands, Atul Shivnani brings in a unique perspective to marketing & business challenges. He is currently heading e-commerce for The Body Shop India, where he is responsible for driving business on as well as collaborating with major third-party online retailers around the world. A tech nerd at heart, Atul believes in utilizing technology to improve day-to-day efficiencies. 

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