Navigating the Global E-C...

Navigating the Global E-Commerce Landscape with Parcel Monitor’s Market Data

Dec 13, 2023
Navigating the Global E-Commerce Landscape with Parcel Monitor’s Market Data

Did you know: the global e-commerce market is projected to reach a staggering $6.3 trillion by the end of 2023?

A recent study by McKinsey's research revealed that new market expansion is not merely about claiming a larger market share; it is a proven path to higher Total Shareholder Returns (TSR) compared to industry peers. In other words, international expansion serves as a gateway for businesses to tap into new consumer bases, explore investment opportunities, and thrive in dynamic market landscapes.

Amidst these opportunities and challenges, Parcel Monitor Market Pages emerges as a strategic ally, providing a guiding compass for businesses seeking international expansion. Drawing insights derived from millions of e-commerce orders placed worldwide, our market data mirrors the realities of the e-commerce market, allowing businesses to fine-tune their market entry strategies by gaining a nuanced understanding of the specific needs and preferences of their target markets. Whether you're eyeing the bustling markets of North America, or the burgeoning e-commerce hubs in Asia, our Market Pages offers a repository of the facts and figures necessary to help you navigate the complexities of each market with confidence.

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Three Steps to Successful Global Expansion with Parcel Monitor Market Pages

Parcel Monitor's Market Pages facilitate global expansion by simplifying the complexities inherent in international endeavors through a data framework that empowers informed decision-making. Here are three essential steps to guide businesses in their journey of global expansion:

Step 1: Understand Your Target Markets with Key Regional Insights

Step 1: Understand Your Target Markets with Key Regional Insights

(Diagram 1: Parcel Monitor)

The path to successful global expansion begins with a profound understanding of the e-commerce landscape in different regions. Start by exploring the Global Markets Directory, a repository offering a panoramic view of the global e-commerce landscape. Choose from any of the 200+ countries (Diagram 1) for a comprehensive view of each market's dynamics, spanning from e-commerce revenue trends to logistical considerations.

Step 2: Dive Deeper Into Each Market with Logistics Performance Data

Step 2: Dive Deeper Into Each Market with Logistics Performance Data

(Diagram 2: Parcel Monitor)

As your global expansion journey progresses, a key area to focus on is the optimization of logistics strategies through a detailed analysis of carrier performance. Parcel Monitor’s Market Pages emerges as an invaluable resource on this front, offering a range of performance benchmarks in each market including:

  • Quarterly average transit times 

  • Average transit time breakdown by the top carriers in each market

  • Quarterly average delivery success rates 

These metrics serve as powerful tools, endowing you with the capability to discern the performance of logistics carriers effectively. This discernment, in turn, plays a critical role in the selection of partners aligned with your strategic business objectives. Armed with these insights, you can strategically optimize your logistics strategies, ensuring a seamless and efficient operational framework that enhances the overall efficacy of your global expansion endeavors.

Step 3: Stay In Tune with Market Trends through Parcel Monitor's Quarterly Reports

The final step involves continuous monitoring and adaptation for sustained success. Access latest trends and customized data insights through our quarterly market reports, empowering informed strategic decisions to keep your business nimble in the ever-evolving global landscape. 

Harness the power of market data to tailor your approach, fostering long-term success in your global expansion endeavors. Some examples of data points you can expect in our quarterly reports include:

  • Past figures and future projections of e-commerce revenue in your target region

  • Average transit time in the busiest shipping routes associated with your target market

  • Performance of major logistics carriers in your market

Feeling overwhelmed? Speak to one of our data partners to help define the best market entry strategy for your business!

Ready to Unlock the Full Potential of Your Business?

Parcel Monitor Market Pages are not just a navigational tool; they are a strategic ally, offering businesses the insights and data needed to thrive in the global e-commerce arena. With a focus on tailored intelligence, these pages become the cornerstone of informed decision-making, ensuring that businesses not only survive but flourish in the dynamic world of e-commerce. 

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