Marek Rozycki, Co-Host of the Last Mile Prophets and Former VP Amazon Logistics Europe, Talks About: Will the Last Mile in the US Catch Up with China’s Parcel Locker Network?

Feb 09, 2021

In this podcast episode of The Last Words on the Last Mile by Last Mile ProphetsMarek Rozycki, Managing Partner at Last Mile Experts, and Ian Kerr, Co-Host of The Postal Hub, discuss the challenges US carriers are facing due to the peak season capacity crunch. 

The shortfall of 7 million parcels

The episode kicks off with Ian and Marek discussing the widely-reported potential shortfall of 7 million parcels in the US during peak season last year. Both experts agree that this estimated shortfall of 7 million parcels is likely an exaggeration, but acknowledged that there will indeed be a shortfall caused by the capacity crunch in the US.

In fact, Marek shares that the capacity crunch in the US has already been an issue for years as carriers have failed to invest in infrastructure and technology to better their last-mile delivery capabilities. 

Last-mile in China

On the other hand, logistics providers in China had begun investing in their last-mile capacity 5 years ago. For instance, China has approximately a network of 400,000 parcel lockers! Whilst the US has been taking steps in this regard, such as setting up Pick Up Drop Off (PUDO) networks across the country.  This is clearly not yet enough to alleviate the capacity crunch issue in the US…at least for now. 

To find out more about how Amazon dealt with the capacity crunch in peak season last year, check out the full podcast episode below!

About Last Mile Prophets

Last Mile Prophets is a platform that shares unique and latest knowledge about the last mile, courier express, and parcel sector. The platform is catered to specialists and leaders working for carriers, e-commerce players, and government organizations interested in the latest developments in the last mile. 

About Marek Rozycki

Marek Rozycki is Managing Partner at Last Mile Experts; a specialist courier express & parcel and e-commerce last-mile consultancy. He has been an industry advisor for several Private Equity Firms and advised a number of e-commerce players or Postal operators on strategic projects.

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