Satyaki Banerjee, COO of LUXASIA: How to Pivot Successfully in the Face of an Unprecedented Crisis? Prioritize, Be Nimble, and Collaborate as “One Team”

Jul 30, 2021

As retail was hard hit during the onset of the pandemic, LUXASIA responded to new challenges in the following ways:

Prioritize – Act quickly and prioritise the Team’s safety 

Even prior to government advisories to work from home and in smaller teams, LUXASIA had already implemented flexible work arrangements, comprising work from home, split-team, and other options depending on operational needs. These flexible work arrangements persist till today, with a longer term view to make this its modus operandi. At the heart of it is a clear prioritisation of the team’s health and safety above all. Furthermore, this provides both psychological safety and strengthens workforce morale. 

Be nimble – Adapt to circumstances, try new ways of doing things, while constantly delighting consumers

The company’s sales and marketing teams worked hard to generate buzz, create awareness, and foster interest across all aspects of the beauty business, working alongside LUXASIA’s brand partners. This included social media activations, interesting initiatives with retail & trade partners, and trying new ways of engaging customers through digital platforms. This included virtual beauty consultations, social-selling, live-streaming, novel digital marketing campaigns, and more. Special mention goes out to the retail frontliners who were both brave and quick to “level-up” and go digital to reach more consumers.  

Collaborate as “One Team” – Having various teams across non-eCommerce / non-supply chain functions coming together to meet operational demands

These challenging times saw LUXASIA’s other departments making significant shifts in their daily work to support the massive and sudden surge in e-commerce activity that the company faced e.g. retail, sales, and marketing talents helping with pick-and-pack, finance talents helping with labelling.

This support made a great difference during the pandemic peaks because its fulfillment teams faced the added constraints of split-team arrangements due to safe-distancing measures and health & safety considerations. Coupled with the doubling in parcel volumes in 2020, Satyaki shared that witnessing “the way they came to the fore, and took on extra responsibility and the workload, was inspirational.”

As every single person across all of LUXASIA’s teams stepped up. This made all the difference. 

(Article co-written with LUXASIA. We would like to thank Mr Satyaki Banerjee for taking the time to answer our questions. You can connect with him on LinkedIn here and keep up to date with LUXASIA’s future developments.)

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