Jason Greenwood, Moustache Republic: Impact of Lockdown on Online Spending in New Zealand

Oct 13, 2020

A report by Marketview showed that overall spending in New Zealand has grown 27.1% compared to August 2019. 

Jason Greenwood, E-Commerce Expert and Director of Solutions at Moustache Republic, made a few insightful observations from the report:

New Zealand Online Retail Sales Report 2020

1. Lockdowns in New Zealand have artificially spiked online spending

Total online sales in August this year increased by 23.8% from July. As physical stores were forced to close due to the lockdown measures, consumers had no choice but to shop online. 

2. New Zealanders are spending more on local eCommerce websites 

Consumer spending on domestic sites has increased by 50.8%. This could be due to the growing concerns of supply chain and delivery efficiency attributed to the lockdowns; particularly for international shipments. For instance, if New Zealand goes into a full lockdown, there would be a high chance that customer orders may be caught in international shipment disruptions and delays. 

Whilst this is good news for local businesses, customers will only make return purchases if retailers are able to meet the expectations of their customers. Local retailers should therefore focus on going digital and commit to ensuring a great shopping and post-purchase experience.  

New Zealand has shown tremendous growth in online spending as an effect of the lockdown. How else do you think the pandemic has changed the shopping habits of New Zealanders?

About Jason Greenwood

Jason Greenwood is a digital industry thought leader and keynote speaker with almost 20 years of experience in the digital and eCommerce spaces. Based in Auckland, New Zealand, Jason is currently the Director of Solutions at the Moustache Republic and consults on eCommerce & digital transformation in the ANZ region. He also is the host of At the Coalface Podcast, where he covers all things digital and eCommerce. You can connect with Jason on LinkedIn here and #learnwithjason here!

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