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Sep 26, 2017

We came across a real eye-opener last week that we would love to share with you guys today.

In the fourth annual State of Marketing Research Report conducted by the sales experts of Salesforce, 3,500 global marketing leaders emphasized the importance of customer experience in order to generate brand loyalty and a continuous stream of new users.

According to the report, a great experience in the shopping process is so important that consumers are even willing to trade data for it. 58% of millennial consumers would share personal data in exchange for product recommendations that meet their needs. The result? The attention of all the marketing experts out there towards a more comprehensive customer experience approach.

“68% of marketing leaders say their company is increasingly competing on the basis of customer experience.”


First of all, user expectations are increasing. There are platforms like Amazon and others showing and leading consumers into the future of commerce experience.

The second market force driving this is the rising demand for growth in the market which ends up being more about acquiring market share from other players instead of getting customers to spend more. This intensifies the competition in the digital era, where there is an overwhelming volume of information all vying for the attention of the same customer.

There are more reasons for sure. But the most important question is, what a webshop can do in order to improve and leverage this trend. Here is what we picked up:

Source: FOURTH ANNUAL State of Marketing, Insights, and trends from 3,500 global marketing leaders – Salesforce Research

The first trick – Integrate Social Media

With social media being the common space for the business to connect with a wide base of potential and existing customers, it is no wonder 66% of marketers are increasing spend on social media marketing and advertising on social media platforms over the next 12 months to keep their audiences happily engaged, as well as their brand on top of minds.

Video content is on the rise

On top of the ability to highly engage a broad customer base via tapping into the extensive network of social media, high marketing performers are quick to change with the times. In fact, video advertising is among their top channels spend. Generally, to stay ahead of the game, an outstanding marketer needs to be observant of what draws the customer’s attention and incorporate that into their marketing plans. Video is rising in popularity, and top marketers here know that it pays to act fast.

You need an omnichannel approach

Notably, these top-performing marketers realized it is key to heavily coordinate marketing efforts across all different channels and devices.

Also known as omnichannel marketing, this new marketing term stems from the sales approach that provides the customer with an integrated shopping experience, be it shopping online via a desktop or mobile device, or in a brick and mortar store. It has proven to be crucial in creating a seamless, consistent customer experience.

An omnichannel marketing approach is also where a single view of the customer will be crucial, and businesses should integrate online and offline customer data from end to end of the entire shopping process. Be it the website, mobile app, or even entering into the physical store, you, your employees, and your customer would have access to the data required to assess and answer the customer’s needs, whichever shopping channel the customer chooses.

The key takeaway? The entire experience counts

Our key point for today is to encourage merchants to focus not only on pre-purchase but also on the after-sales experience. There are many elements to look at in cultivating a consistent, personalized customer experience. Most sellers would know to focus their efforts on getting the customer into their store and on selling their product. But in our experience, fewer pay attention to the fact that the customer’s experience does not end upon checking out. The period of waiting till the parcel arrives is a great opportunity to provide a positive experience to further deepen relationships and drive customer loyalty.

First tip: Choose the right logistics partners

No customer experience is complete without the purchase reaching the customer’s hands via a successful delivery. So, if delivering a holistic customer experience is what marketers should now be geared towards, then optimizing the last mile is an important strategy to keep in mind. The right logistics partners can streamline your operations, eliminate inefficiencies and reduce costs as well as increase customer happiness, there is a spillover effect to the customer’s loyalty by providing them with faster delivery and better service.

Second tip: Build an end-to-end experience and showcase your brand even at the last mile

Instead of directing customers to carriers after they have made their purchases, smart businesses nowadays optimize the post-purchase process by providing them with the delivery information themselves, on their own branded tracking page and in their language. The consistent wooing of customers with personalized content, branded, easy-to-use interfaces, prompt responses, and delivery visibility transform loyal customers into lifelong brand advocates who ultimately generate a bigger CLV.

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