Ecommerce News: Italy Ranks First in List of Growing Cross-Border E-Commerce Markets within Europe

Sep 15, 2021

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Cross-border e-commerce is popular in Europe and online retailers should not pass this chance to expand their businesses. Italy is one of the best countries to start for cross-border as it’s expected to grow rapidly.

A research conducted by Shopping Tomorrow Cross Border E-commerce and Salesupply has shown that Italy, Denmark, Norway, Poland, the Czech Republic, and Sweden has strong growth in the e-commerce industry. 

Best market for cross-border e-commerce is Italy

Italy ranks first in the list of growing European e-commerce markets – fast digitalization of the country. 

“Young Italian consumers often buy cross-border.”

The biggest challenge in this market is speedy delivery to the less accessible areas of the country. Italy has been increasing the number of pickup points across the country by working with local carriers and warehouses to help cross-border sellers deliver faster within Italy. 

Online stores innovation

One way retailers can try to convince international shoppers is to prepare carefully and localize it. Cross-border sellers should include a localized product range, local common payment method options and local delivery options.

“Setting up a localized product range, locally common payment methods, and local delivery options can help gain the confidence of consumers. Launching a website in the local language will also help”, says Hans Wiebum, Managing Director Global at Salesupply.

International customers – no matter from which country, also care greatly about free and fast delivery; free return policy is a plus for any retailer. 

Local customers psychology

Cross-border sellers should be aware of the differences in shopping habits and the psychology of customers from different countries.

For example, first impression is the most important factor for Italian buyers while Swedish consumers care more about the sustainability of products.

The marketing strategy needs to be tailored to local consumers’ preferences. In Sweden, KOLs are increasingly preferred while in Norway, consumers are still looking at advertisements in the newspapers while in Italy, TV ads will reach most audiences.

Source: Italy offers great cross-border ecommerce opportunities

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