Innovating Digital Commerce in Ice Cream with Unilever

Jul 18, 2022

It is no secret that Unilever is a big player in the ice cream game. But what most don’t know is that the company is also at the forefront of digital commerce innovation, utilizing new technologies to make it easier for customers to buy their favorite frozen treats.

Having said that, what exactly is Unilever doing to innovate digital commerce in ice cream? And what tools are they using to stand out from the rest? In the latest episode of “Unpacking E-Commerce Logistics” series, we sat down with Matt Close, President of Ice Cream from Unilever to answer the aforementioned questions and more. 

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Key highlights of this episode:

  • Matt’s background and career trajectory

  • Influences of digital commerce on the ice cream industry

  • Unilever’s unique approach to digital commerce in ice cream

  • Development of ice cream delivery market over the years

  • Sustainability challenges in ice cream delivery

With a turnover of more than billion euros a year, Unilever ice cream company is the leader in 30 of 64 countries. Today, Unilever's digital commerce strategy is based on three main principles: personalization, convenience, and affordability. By personalizing the shopping experience for each customer, Unilever ensures that shoppers feel like they are getting a unique experience each time they visit the site. By making it easy for customers to order products online and by offering competitive prices, Unilever has made its online store a convenient and affordable option for shoppers.

In Matt's view, customer insights and customer experience are the keys to success for all brands. If you have yet to understand what your consumers want, it is almost impossible to succeed. To acquire this, there are 2 things businesses need to keep in mind. The first thing is to create a meaningful brand. Businesses should show what they stand for and convey this message to their customers. The second thing is to ensure that their product is superior. No matter the marketing proposition or positioning, if your product is not superior holistically, not just in terms of taste delivery, but also in terms of sustainability, firms will have a hard time competing out there.

For the full discussion, check out the video here. You wouldn’t want to miss it!

About Matt Close

Since joining Unilever in 1992, Matt has held global and regional leadership  positions across many different divisions. Prior to his current role, Matt was the Executive Vice President for Global Ice Cream for six years. Matt has been navigating the Ice Cream business through the COVID pandemic, which was particularly challenging given the size of Unilever's out-of-home business.

A strong believer in innovation, Matt is always looking to explore new business models like increased digitization across the entire product chain. In addition to making ice cream products healthier, he is also committed to reducing the carbon footprint and environmental impact associated with ice cream through the 3 Cs – cabinets, cows, and cocoa.

About Unpacking E-Commerce Logistics Series

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