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Guest Post: How to Choose the Right Package Tracking Software for Your E-Commerce Website

Nov 15, 2022

The Pandemic taught us that online sales could easily become any business's main success determination factor. By going back through the data, experts noted that there had been significant growth in the e-commerce industry. The sales growth and predictions for the coming decade happened within three months, virtually overnight. 

In 2021 the growing trends of online purchases had secured a continuation path through 2022, so e-commerce and website purchases are a common practice in many industries. Those who recognized and understood the potential of online businesses have noted profit growth. 

Being in the e-commerce industry can be a bit overwhelming and challenging at first. With proper research and preparation, you can create a high income. Make sure to do your homework and stay on top of trends and technologies in shipping and logistics.

In today's article, we will be discussing the importance of having the right Package Tracking Software for your e-Commerce website, what things to consider, and how to navigate through the dense competition by enhancing the quality of your customer's experience and delivery process.

What is package tracking software?

Package tracking software is vital for both parties (the seller and the buyer) to monitor the delivery and ensure the transaction is fully completed. Depending on the geographical distance between sellers and buyers, it may take days or even months for orders to be received. Because of this, it is crucial to understand that one of the most important components of a successful e-commerce website is ensuring good tracking software that can provide the shipment with a unique number for tracking. 

A shipment tracking software is designed for e-commerce businesses to provide information on where the package is located during the delivery portion of the transaction. They use different ways of package locating, often by various telecom operators providing updates that are happening in real-time on where the shipment is being stored, as well as when it is intended to progress with the delivery and arrive at the customer's address. Depending on the type of software, this automation can be viewed with the package ID number on the website or post office or even get automated updates via phone or email.

What is a tracking number?

A tracking number is used for recognizing and monitoring packages while they are being sent from the facilities and delivered to the customers' destination. When buying in an online store, clients often receive an e-confirmation about a successful transaction so they know they can expect the product in the coming future. However, depending on the support and technical segments of the website, not all e-commerce stores have the essential operations down successfully.

Because of this, it is vital to know how to choose the right package for your tracking software, pay attention to the services included and fees, and incorporate them into your marketing campaign, customer service information, and monthly/yearly expenses.  

How to start?

A great starting point for better understanding the importance of package tracking is to consider putting yourself in the customers' shoes or simply form a target audience type and build up your strategy based on the predicted preferences. When it comes to the most important segments of all online transactions, customers always pay attention to the following (so you should, too!). 

SSL certificate

This is a guarantee that any third parties will not use the sensitive data as it encrypts the information allowing only the intended server access to reading the data. 

Local payment system

It is imperative to have transparency and consider building partnerships with local transaction companies for the designated area. On the other hand, using other platforms that have already secured this process can be another great way to stay safe and still ensure quality service.

Your shop information

No matter if your e-commerce store does not have a physical address, a registered company behind it has to. Every online shop must have a company address, email, and owner name available for users. In addition, it would be good to consider updating the terms of services and any other necessary policies, especially when it comes to refunds. 

Tracking solutions

There is an important difference between whether a specialized carrier delivers the package or goes through different post offices. This, of course, affects the delivery costs (especially if the transfer is happening overseas). It is also a good thing to either limit your services to countries that won't have extra expenses if the products are costly or, on the other hand, do the necessary research to ensure all the information any customer might want to consider. 

How to know do you need good tracking software?

Depending on your budget and business scope, this decision should not be as complex as people may consider. A good business owner will always be on the lookout for ways to enhance their business and productivity and meet client renewal requests. 

For products that involve several stages before being sent to the customer, you will need a good secretary or an entire customer support team. Fortunately, small to medium companies can often rely on one or a few people combined with good communication and tracking software.

What are the essential features of Package Tracking Software?

Delivering any type of product should include an option for both you and the customer to be able to track the delivery during the entire shipment process. It can decrease the chance of a customer not receiving their package or allow you to track the return of the package (as this happens) and increase ROI. When it comes to the most important features of good package tracking software, make sure to pay attention to the following: 

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  • Monitoring should include elements allowing the company and the customer to have up-to-date information about the package route, progress, current location, etc. This scope of features could also include delivery status, detailed shipment information, and complete tracking history.

  • Accuracy is an essential feature of any software or application as being up to date with the dispatch information, delivery time, etc., ensures your customers that you are wholly engaged in your business and care about them. This can help your business create long-term relationships with buyers. 

  • Order management can vary depending on how the software was built and its features. You should be able to manage all of your orders from one platform. With this, you can have a better overview and status update about all your orders in one place, allowing the most accurate information to customers and saving money and time in the long run.

  • Even though you won't hopefully need this too often, having access to tracking history reports can be of great assistance in case something happens with the package during delivery.

  • Having branded tracking page can be a good step forward and stand out from the dense competition. This can leave a lasting impression on your visitors.

3 Things to consider when choosing the best Package Tracking Software for your e-commerce website

There are many elements to finding the best package tracking software for your e-commerce website. However, refocusing it on strengthening customer loyalty and enhancing communication is a way you can secure long-term relationships and ensure top-notch service through all of the production stages. 

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1) Customer support and communication

Using an interface that could unify your orders (selection, payment, and shipping) is sometimes the simplest solution. However, it may either come as a bit expensive or can lack some of the cool integrated features in a package tracking software that was designed for this specific purpose. 

When it comes to features that can enhance this portion of the business, make sure you look out for customer support links allowing the customer access to any additional information they may require during the delivery process. For example, changing the delivery address (with an added fee) can be something extra that can allow for a last-minute package delivery to reroute to another address. This can cut the delivery time in half and still ensure that the customer is satisfied and that their potential needs have been met, and in case the process faces an issue you can still schedule consultancies with the client in question to figure things out. 

2) Budget and service reviews

While many perks could be helpful to your brand, it doesn't necessarily apply to others. One of the most important aspects to take into account is the service cost, how much it impacts the cost of your products compared to your competitors, and whether there is a reasonable trial period where you can test out all the software features before actually implementing it in your business. 

3) Organize a simple package return for your e-commerce

Ensuring a simple returning process is key to a successful online store. It is a way to ensure trust with your new clients, as buying online is no longer a luxury but a daily necessity. Having a unique and personalized customer experience can require extra effort and logistics. Still, it can ensure a better return policy and save you from unnecessary expenses in the long run.

A good package return system is equally as important as the delivery process and good tracking software. In this event, it can serve you both ways, as sometimes unsatisfied customers or irresponsible ones will not pick up the order. 

How to use the tracking service? 

Every type of tracking software will come with detailed instructions on how its products and services are used. It would be wise to do review research before purchasing. Also, remember that every package delivery should have its tracking number, ensuring that you can easily navigate through many different transactions and numbers that occur daily worldwide.

A great automated software might even have built-in options to deliver updates on the trajectory or location during the delivery process. This can be significantly useful for deliveries over continental and have different timezones etc. 

It is advised that you should combine a good customer support program/person with good tracking software. This can help you clear any communication blockages between you and your clients, deepening your relationship and strengthening the brand. 

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