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Alcott Global Podcast: How IndustryApps Is Solving Gaps Within the Supply Chain Industry

Dec 13, 2021

In an episode of Leaders in Tech & E-commerce Podcast, Rushit Shah, Regional Director – Asia Pacific of Alcott Global interviewed Sandeep Sreekumar, Co-Founder and COO of IndustryApps and Rolf Knoerzer, Co-Founder and CEO of IndustryApps.

Listen to the full episode here.

Key highlights of this episode:

  • How Rolf and Sandeep started working together and building a startup

  • The onboarding process of IndustryApps and challenges in the industry they are solving

  • What are the current manufacturing trends

  • Advice to people who are shifting from corporate to startup

  • Digitizing factories and how industries respond

In this episode, Co-Founders of IndustryApps, Rolf Knoerzer and Sandeep Sreekumar shared their journey of working together and how they come up with the idea to build a startup. One of the hurdles that they encountered as they are delving into the industry is how 73% of the industry is still not digitalized which leads to the next problem- the adoption of technology. This is one of the things that they are currently looking at in IndustryApps. Rolf and Sandeep also shared how they are helping solve other challenges in the industry and their onboarding process. In addition, they also shared a few pieces of advice to people who want to shift from a corporate type of job to a startup.

About Sandeep Sreekumar

Sandeep Sreekumar is the COO and Co-Founder of IndustryApps. Sandeep has 15 years of digitalization experience. He specializes in Smart Factory, IT/OT Domain, IoT, ML, AI, Plant Engineering, and Process Engineering. Before IndustryApps, he was a Global Head – Digital Factory.

About Rolf Knoerzer

Rolf Knoerzer is the CEO and Co-Founder of IndustryApps. Rolf has 25 years of building and running businesses. He specializes in Operations & Supply Chain, Smart Factory, Production Systems, Lean, KAIZEN, MTM, REFA. Before IndustryApps, he was a VP Operations & Supply Chain APAC.

About Leaders in Tech & E-commerce Podcast

Leaders in Tech and E-commerce Podcast brings together some of the best entrepreneurs, experts, and executives in the supply chain tech and e-commerce space to share their perspective on the current trends, their stories about success and failure, and how they attract and recruit talent.

The host, Rushit Shah is the Regional Director – Asia Pacific of Alcott Global. Rushit comes with 20 years of Executive Search and Selection with 8 years of Supply Chain Consulting service within APAC. Have worked for more than 40 countries with diversified industries and functionality.

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