Guest Post: How Digital M...

Guest Post: How Digital Marketing & Advertising Can Help Grow Your eCommerce Business

Jun 20, 2022

The global digital marketing and online advertising niche/market will be worth around 640 billion USD by 2027.

Also, as the eCommerce web stores keep getting bigger (advancing), so are the online advertising and digital marketing strive by each of them. Each company wants to appear on each platform featuring their probable clients.

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We’re in a time when purchasing services/products is no more a process conducted openly but done via the internet while loosening up, browsing, or going through your phone. If executed properly, digital marketing and online advertising provide the predicted growth, earnings, and sales.

With this in-depth post, you’ll understand how digital marketing and online advertising can help grow your eCommerce business.

Let’s get started!

Digital Marketing And Online Advertising Facets That Help Grow Your eCommerce Business

More Engagement 

Digital marketing and online advertising have been (demonstrated) to be more fruitful if there’s continuous communication. This statement has been proven to be true without considering if the engagement occurs between individuals with a neutral view about your company, followers, or dislikers.

Social media influencers stand out as the most favorable means of developing greater engagement. Collaborating with famous individuals can help you increase your brand awareness.

Besides this, collaborating with famous faces allows their dedicated fans to discuss and share opinions about your service/product that foster conversation. Collaborating with prominent individuals keeps the brand identity in the buzz. Also, note that Any Publicity means Good Publicity.

Also, you’re likely to come across marketing content that features a question mark at the end. These marketing posts force one to react/respond to the query that cheers fellow audiences to give their comments/suggestions.

More Sales

One of the outstanding elements of the influence of digital marketing and online advertising on eCommerce store advancement is that you can spot the outcomes nearly in real-time.

For instance, if you start advertising campaigns and record a sale spike, you can credit that sale spike to your advertisement campaigns. Moreover, the market has several tools to help you check platforms and advertisements that generate the most traffic. These tools can help you decide where your next advertisement buy should focus and the amount to spend.

Before launching any marketing campaign, deciding the metrics to research and measure is critical. After noting the goal, it becomes easy to develop an ad campaign to pilot the wanted result. If driving sales is your primary objective, you need to monitor your ad’s performance in converting the prospective audience into buyers. If enhancing brand awareness by receiving more fans to your various social media platforms is your primary objective, you need to check the numbers after launching the campaign.

To ensure everything remains less complex, rely on a marketing scheme to track your analytics and monitor your ROI. The market has specific tools to track certain channels, but you can also manage each digital marketing requirement using a 100% integrated CRM.

  • Mailchimp

    This email marketing program makes it easy to develop email marketing campaigns and landing pages. It can give a precise record of who checked the email & when they opened it, and the email links they clicked. Moreover, the Mailchimp program allows email list segmentation for enhanced efficiency.

  • Hubspot

    This 100% integrated CRM keeps your information in a single area and can manage several digital marketing efforts. Also, you can use the Hubspot platform to monitor your website traffic, email drip campaigns, SEO efforts, and more.

  • Google Analytics

    Google Analytics makes it easy to assess your page traffic and its origin. Note that Google also comes with display ads and Google search services, meaning you can also monitor and examine this data.

  • Hootsuite

    This terrific platform allows you to monitor your social listening efforts and social media campaigns. It brings all the social media channel data into a single position, making it easy to check how audience segments react to your ad campaigns. Moreover, you can also use it to schedule all your social media postings.

Online Presence

Nowadays, don’t expect your prospective clients to find you if you’re not utilizing the internet thoroughly. You have to set up an online presence to see how digital marketing and online advertising impacts your eCommerce business advancement.

The current client doesn’t go through the phonebook. Instead, they ask their colleagues on various social media channels or use Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms. Therefore, be assured you’re missing out if you’ve not established an online presence.

Research shows that an average individual spends approximately 2 hours on various social media channels every day. If an individual plans to check out at a particular service/product, you must have established an online presence, giving them a platform where they’ll search for those items.

You should start by creating accounts on various social media platforms if you plan to extend the digital marketing and online advertising impact on eCommerce business advancement/growth. Social media forms the first area that an individual will go through to locate an enterprise.

However, you don’t have to create an account on each social media channel. Only create accounts with platforms featuring your prospective clients. Study all the available channels and compare them to your potential audience.

Claiming your Google Business listing is one indispensable step to take if you’re running an eCommerce business. Since Google records the bulk of searches, you’ll want to maximize each tool offered by the search engine. Claiming the Google listing ensures that your precise location appears in the local Google search, including their maps app. This step will assist in bringing consumers straight to your store. These listings feature your phone number, location address, and site address.

Your potential consumers might assume that your company hides something if it doesn’t feature the social media footmark. They will also view your enterprise to be less than honest.

Measurable Results

Conventional and offline brand marketing techniques may be reliable, but their outcomes are nearly impractical to monitor. For instance, positioning an advertisement in a newspaper or on a billboard won’t disclose how many individuals have interacted with the ad, which can be disappointing. Moreover, these techniques can be somewhat costly.

With digital marketing and online advertising, you can maximize tools that make it easy to measure your campaigns’ results. For instance, you can use analytics on social media channels to check the views, responses, share numbers, and the number of clicks the ad has received. With this information, you can precisely monitor your ads’ progress and the following steps to grow the eCommerce store via traffic, new leads, and conversions.

Social media platform marketing falls under the most implemented marketing techniques you can incorporate into your eCommerce store. The measurable results can help you determine the accurate strategies that will be more reliable and beneficial for your business. Moreover, you can change/modify your technique based on the outcomes of your current ad campaigns.


Some time ago, business operators placed banners, printed flyers, or rented billboards to update potential customers about their company. However, this option costs enormous. Some enterprise operators apply these techniques even nowadays, especially in local towns. Moreover, these strategies are not the most preferred because you can’t measure their effectiveness.

Even nowadays, it’s inexpensive and more effective to spend on digital marketing and online advertising campaigns than on printing flyers. However, you have to go for trusted digital agencies or professional marketers to maximize your campaign fully. Avoid hiring amateurs who lack the needed experience.

Furthermore, the current market has several digital marketing and online advertising tools that offer opportunities for eCommerce business growth. These tools make it easy for eCommerce business operators to quickly stop unsuccessful ads, make changes, measure ad effectiveness, and focus more on ad campaigns that deliver the expected results.

Messaging Control & Brand Personalization

Digital media gives a company complete control of its messaging and reaction to consumer feedback. For instance, if someone posts a news story related to your company, you can’t counter any comment that the reader makes. However, suppose you post your company’s critique, accompanied by rebuttals/reflections on your social media pages. In that case, you get complete control of anything you post and how you react to the responses.

Google Reviews give an excellent case of this argument in action. Anyone can comment anything on an enterprise’s Google Reviews. Sharp-witted companies react to these reviews and take them as an opportunity to solve all the issues the consumers face. Also, intelligent brands take the reviews as an opportunity to rebut false/unwarranted reviews.

Below are other ways how digital marketing and online advertising can assist you in crafting and controlling the brand message:

  • If possible, customize the email messages and advertisements with your consumer name or other specific pieces of information.

  • Utilize the buyer/consumer personas in determining the content to create. Ensure your content resonates well with your clients.

  • Utilize the information gained during the ad campaigns to boost your upcoming decisions.

Final Thoughts

Online advertising and digital marketing have changed how companies interact with their clients and how consumers identify the right enterprise to rely on for their service/product needs. Digital marketing and online advertising’s impact on eCommerce business advancement will only remain constant if more and more companies go digital.

If your business lacks a robust digital footmark, you severely hinder your capability to interact with your current clients and attract new ones. Moreover, you lose your potential customer’s trust in your services/products if you lack an online presence. However, you can significantly positively influence your company’s bottom line if you implement a robust digital marketing and online advertising strategy that involves several sections like content marketing and social media marketing.

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