Rakuten Insight: How COVI...

Rakuten Insight: How COVID-19 has Impacted International Shopping Behavior

Jul 22, 2020
Rakuten Insight: How COVID-19 has Impacted International Shopping Behavior

There are many studies surfacing and circling around the topic of consumer spending. Recently, we featured a survey done by McKinsey & Company on the impact of consumer spending in India, China, and Indonesia during and post-COVID-19. 

Rakuten Insight did a study on 81,600 respondents across 12 markets, to analyze consumer sentiment around future saving and spending.


Some key takeaways that we found insightful:

  1. Consumers are not restricting their purchases to “food and essentials” or “things [they] really need”. More than one-third of respondents in China expressed that they plan to spend like they did pre-COVID-19.

  2. Less than 10% of each market’s respondents plan to increase their expenditure to “help [their] economy”.

In-store shopping still counts while e-commerce is on the rise from COVID-19. Respondents say they’ll mix their brick & mortar and online shopping as so much uncertainty continues.  More than 50% of each market’s respondents are planning to shop both online and in-store in 2021.

For a detailed analysis of each market’s consumers, and insights into how consumers plan to shift their shopping behavior, check out the full report from Rakuten Insight here

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