H2 2020: The State of E-Commerce in Thailand

Feb 24, 2021

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In 2020, consumers from all over the world turned to online shopping for essentials and daily necessities. The pandemic-fuelled shift in consumer spending habits can be seen everywhere, including Thailand.

There are currently 12.1 million e-commerce users in Thailand, with an additional 1.8 million e-commerce users expected in 2021. The e-commerce market in Thailand is growing at an impressive rate and is definitely worth looking out for! 

Looking back on our State of E-Commerce in Thailand study for 2019, we decided to take a second look into the second half of 2020 to see how things might have changed. Let us take a look at how the pandemic has affected Thailand’s state of e-commerce!

95% of parcels were successfully delivered at the first attempt

Following the strict restrictions and curfew during COVID-19, citizens nationwide were told to stay home and encouraged to purchase their essentials online. With more consumers staying home, it was hard to miss deliveries. Despite the increase in delivery time from an average of 1.7 days to 2.0 days, the number of parcels being successfully delivered is at a high percentile of 95%. 

82% of parcels delivered to collection points are successfully picked up within 24h

In a joint study with iPrice Group last year, we observed the rise of collection points and parcel lockers in Southeast Asia; a delivery alternative in Southeast Asia that allows consumers to receive their parcels while staying safe during the pandemic.

Our recent data also suggests that in the second half of 2020, collection points and parcel lockers have been effective with 82% of the parcels successfully picked up after 24 hours. 

51% of international parcels were from China and the US

As one of the top e-commerce sites in Thailand, Shopee Thailand reported that its sales and transaction volume during the COVID-19 outbreak was extraordinary. 

“Online shopping provides consumers access to essential items during this period and our focus is to ensure that these products remain available and accessible to consumers,” said Shopee Thailand.

Amazon is also in the top 5 e-commerce sites in Thailand. Amazon was first made available to Thai consumers in 2018. Consumers from all over the world can browse through 45 million products through the “International Shopping experience” feature.  It is no surprise that the e-commerce giant is one of the frequently visited platforms in Thailand. 

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