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Alcott Global Podcast: Freddy Carillo, President At Sherwin-Williams Brasil

Feb 18, 2022

In an episode of Leaders in Supply Chain Podcast Latin America, Xabier Basañez, Managing Director LATAM of Alcott Global interviewed Freddy Carillo, President At Sherwin-Williams Brasil

Listen to the full episode here.

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Key highlights of this episode:

  • Freddy’s role and responsibilities throughout his career

  • Managing supply chain and service to customers during the pandemic

  • Advice to professionals initiating career to reach leadership roles

  • Skills supply chain executives should develop

In this episode, Freddy shared his transitions to different roles throughout his career. He shared some of the challenges he encountered along the way and new adventures. And finally moving to a new country and taking the role as the new President & General Manager in Brazil for Sherwin-Williams. According to his experiences, Freddy shared that the more one understands the demand, factoring capabilities, and the limitations as a marketer, the better organizations can execute any programs or projects. In addition, Freddy also shared how they managed their supply chain in the past two years- given the pandemic. He also shared his recommendations to professionals planning to move to a more leadership role and what skills they should develop. One being will to continuously learn and seek for new things consistently.

About Freddy Carillo

Freddy is the President at Sherwin Williams Brazil. Previously, he served as President at Sherwin Williams in Ecuador. Before joining Sherwin Williams, he served as General Manager and Partner in Alimentos Tawa. Previously, Freddy served in Mondelez for over 6 years, being General Manager in Ecuador, Manager Category Development, Marketing Manager Global Cheese & Dairy, and Marketing Group Manager.

About Leaders in Supply Chain Podcast Latin America

Leaders in Supply Chain Podcast Latin America brings together some of the best entrepreneurs, experts, and executives in the supply chain space to share their perspective on the current trends, their stories about success and failure, and how they attract and recruit talent. 

The host, Xabier Basañez is a Supply Chain expert well rounded from end to end through different types of industry: FMCG, Logistics, 3PL and also in Retail. He is a natural Processes synchronizer to strengthen organization operations. He loves to connect supply chain professionals to create spaces for discussion and analysis, focusing on LATAM & USA.

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