2021 Holiday Season Onlin...

2021 Holiday Season Online Sales in Europe to Increase by up to 58%

Nov 18, 2021
2021 Holiday Season Online Sales in Europe to Increase by up to 58%

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Let’s face it.

2020 was a stellar year for e-commerce growth, regardless of how unprecedented it was. Can we expect the same from 2021? More specifically speaking, what can we expect from the upcoming peak season

Using proprietary Machine Learning technology, Parcel Monitor’s research team has analyzed data from more than 700+ carriers around the world to come up with our second edition of holiday sales volume forecast. How will the e-commerce growth rate in Europe this year compare to the last? Let’s find out!

E-Commerce Growth to Slow Down During Peak Season 2021

Last year’s e-commerce boom in Europe was impressive, to say the least, with its effects more pronounced over the holiday season than in other months. While most European countries experienced a similar level of growth during this period (65% for France, 63% for Poland, 62% for Germany), the UK experienced a record-breaking growth of 85%

Based on our projections, we foresee a significantly slower growth of 33% to 39% MoM and 44% to 54% YoY. There is no doubt that Brexit will be a key contributor to this possible decline; EU custom surcharges along with occasional shipment delays due to the new border controls may be strong enough factors for customers to turn away from shopping online.

Another major factor could be the return to physical retail as a result of brick-and-mortar stores gradually reopening. As of June 2021, there has been a 280% rise of in-store sales across Europe whereas online sales in the region decreased by 39% in comparison to January 2021.

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