eTail Asia: The State of E-Commerce and Digital Marketing in Retail in 2020

Mar 17, 2021

The 2020 global pandemic has been a major contributor to changes in customer behavior and expectations, within the omni-channel retail landscape. As retail organizations continue to adapt to the activities and expectations of omni-channel consumers, they are putting their emphasis on new and emerging data-driven technologies, to build more contextualized customer experiences.

Some retailers will use in-store technology, such as sensors, beacons, and augmented reality, to enhance the customer experience through contextualized product recommendations, and more interactive activities. Similarly, some organizations intend to give customers a choice of checkout options — e.g., going to a human cashier, automated self-service counters, or using a scanning device to make checkout as easy as walking out of the store.

The underlying theme in all of these strategies is the ability to leverage customer data. To accomplish this, retailers will require a single source of truth uniting multiple data sources, to keep their information relevant and accurate. They will also need mechanisms for aggregating their data from all channels, both physical and digital.

In this report by eTail Asia, gain insights from top minds in the retail industry such as, Baskin-Robbins Australia, Unilever, foodpanda, The HEINEKEN Company, Tripadvisor and many more to provide consumers with a more immersive ecommerce experience. We uncover how to:

  1. Prepare For Peak In The Face Of Uncertainty

  2. Extend Your Inventory With Endless Aisle

  3. Build For The Future With a Nod To The Past

  4. Drive Revenue And Growth With Headless Commerce

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