Emerging E-Commerce Logis...

Emerging E-Commerce Logistics & Transportation Startups in Asia

Aug 31, 2023

There is no denying that the COVID-19 crisis has had far-reaching effects on businesses around the world. But as the world recovers and brick-and-mortar stores reopen, several new companies around the world – in the Asia-Pacific area in particular – are springing up with innovative ideas and strategies to tackle the peculiar problems facing our world today.

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Forbes Asia’s “100 to Watch” List

Forbes Asia has recently published its second edition of the “100 to Watch” list, which spotlights small companies and startups that are on the rise in the Asia-Pacific region. These companies, through their reliance on research-led development and cutting-edge technology, are revolutionizing the world of business and improving clients' experience in one way or another.

A wide range of companies offering equally varied services are featured. Their services range from a company developing technology to guide autonomous cars to one which builds electric vehicles for commercial use. There are also transportation startups and others specializing in logistics, software solutions, and brand acquisitions, among other categories.

Listed below are 10 such companies from Forbes Asia’s list that we believe are the most worth keeping an eye on! 

Top 10 E-Commerce Logistics & Transportation Companies in Asia

1) Astro 

  • Founded in: 2021

  • Founder(s): Jessica Jap, Marcella Moniaga, Sherlyn Gautama, Vincent Tjendra, Wandi Budianto

  • Location: Jakarta, Indonesia

  • Key Backer(s): Accel, Lightspeed Venture Partners, Global Founders Capital, AC Ventures

Based in Jakarta, the capital of Asia's third most populous country, Astro seeks to provide quick e-grocery delivery services. The company focuses on timely delivery, bringing grocery orders right to their customers' doorsteps in only fifteen minutes.

Astro's efforts and potential have not gone unnoticed as it recently received investment capital of approximately $60 million. Considering the current low level of e-grocery's popularity in Indonesia as well as projections that the market would be worth over $5 million in barely three years, there is only one way that companies like Astro can go – up.

2) Bijnis

  • Founded in: 2015

  • Founder(s): Siddharth Vij, Chaitanya Rathi, Siddharth Rastogi, and Shubham Agarwal

  • Location: New Delhi, India

  • Key Backer(s): Matrix Partners India, Info Edge ventures, Sequoia Capital India, Waterbridge Ventures

Founded by a group of four Indians with links to the manufacturing industry, Bijnis works to bridge the digital gap between retail marketers and the hundreds of thousands of manufacturing firms in their country.

To achieve this, the company launched a mobile app through which manufacturers can interface with retailers. But their services do not end there. Bijnis partners with other companies to help its customers with logistics services and aid them in their financial transactions. Through their actions, the company aims to help boost profits for manufacturers by eliminating the need for wholesalers whom they deem exploitative. 

3) Euler Motors

  • Founded in: 2018

  • Founder(s): Saurav Kumar

  • Location: New Delhi, India

  • Key Backer(s): Blume Ventures, GIC, QRG Investments and Holdings, ADB Ventures, Moglix

Curbing carbon emissions and protecting the environment is an important concern for many in contemporary times. While many countries struggle to find workable strategies to achieve this, Euler Motors is one of the tech startups in Southeast Asia leading the way in this regard.

The company designs and produces electric-powered vehicles for commercial purposes. Its flagship product is the HiLoad EV, a three-wheeled vehicle which requires a four-hour charge and can carry weights over 1,500 pounds.

An obstacle to the proliferation of Euler electric cars is its price, as it sells at over a thousand dollars more than its fossil fuel competitors. Fortunately, the Indian government at different levels is now offering subsidies to encourage people to go for the greener option. Over time, Euler aspires to become a major global player in the electric car manufacturing industry, serving the needs of commercial drivers.

4) GoKwik

  • Founded in: 2020

  • Founder(s): Ankush Talwar, Chirag Taneja, and Vivek Bajpai

  • Location: New Delhi, India

  • Key Backer(s): Matrix Partners India, RTP Global, Sequoia Capital India, Think Investments

In today's e-commerce industry, a major concern for many top e-commerce companies in Asia and around the world is how to boost their conversion rates and increase efficiency. This is the issue that GoKwik helps solve. The company's online platform also helps protect from fraud and enhances customers' experience.

An ambitious company, it aims at having over 5,000 e-commerce service providers on its client list and expanding internationally. To achieve this, GoKwik is improving its technology and seeking to partner with more companies to provide a wider range of services.

5) Inteluck

  • Founded in: 2014

  • Founder(s): Kevin Zhang

  • Location: Singapore

  • Key Backer(s): Headline, East Ventures, Creo Capital, MindWorks Capital, FutureCap

Inteluck is one of the companies that is revolutionizing e-commerce logistics in Asia. Founded in 2014, the Singapore-based startup is focused on enhancing commerce by providing logistical services driven through the use of innovative logistical technologies

The company's services range from warehouse management to moving goods to clients and other services. In the long run, it aims to become one of the top logistics companies in the world. As of today, the company has already expanded into several countries in Southeast Asia and has plans to come up with even more ways to deal with the ever-growing supply chain issues. 

6) Kargo Technologies

  • Founded in: 2018

  • Founder(s): Yogi Aditya and Tiger Fang

  • Location: Jakarta, Indonesia

  • Key Backer(s): Teleport, Coca Cola Amatil, Mirae Asset Venture Investment, Sequoia Capital India, Tenaya Capital, AC Ventures, Alter Global, Southeast Asian Fund, Convergence Ventures, Intudo Ventures

Headquartered in Jakarta, Kargo Technologies is a freight logistics company that offers efficiency and visibility to the supply chains throughout the Indonesian islands. By leveraging emerging technologies, the company helps to cut down on logistics costs by eliminating the need for middlemen. 

With around 75,000 trucks and 30,000 shippers on its platform, Kargo currently serves some of the biggest names like Coca-Cola, Danone and Ula. Using the $25M raised from the recent funding round, the company is looking to boost recruitment and scale its offerings

7) Mobidoo

  • Founded in: 2013

  • Founder(s): David Yunhee Lee, Ryan Kwon

  • Location: Seoul, South Korea

  • Key Backer(s): Techstars Retail Accelerator, Samsung NEXT, Techstars

South Korea’s Mobidoo is a one-stop live shopping platform that uses revolutionary state-of-the-art technology to facilitate efficient financial transactions. With Mobidoo, users can buy products and make payments on a peer-to-peer basis using sound waves. 

Furthermore, the team has developed unique software that analyzes customer behavior, including viewing time and purchase conversions. According to their Linkedin page, the company is already working with some of the largest department stores and direct-to-consumer brands across the country.

8) Novelship

  • Founded in: 2016

  • Founder(s): Richard Xia

  • Location: Singapore

  • Key Backer(s): East Ventures, GSR Ventures, iGlobe Partners, K3 Ventures, Legendary Ventures, 45J Ventures, Global

Based in Singapore, Novelship specializes in selling limited-edition sneakers and streetwear products that are curated from leading brands worldwide, such as Air Jordan, Yeezy and Supreme. The six-years old startup claims to have a user base of half a million across the APAC region, including Singapore, Indonesia and Australia.

As a company, Novelship strives to present its customers with better and more efficient services by constantly exploring new opportunities. For starters, the company has recently partnered with TripleA to introduce a cryptocurrency payment option for its clients. This makes instantaneous payment possible rather than having to wait for several days, as was the case previously. 

9) Seoul Robotics

  • Founded in: 2017

  • Founder(s): HanBin Lee

  • Location: Seoul, South Korea

  • Key Backer(s): KDB Capital, Artesian VC, KB Investment, Future Play, Zeroith.AI, Korea Tech Incubator Program, Mass Challenge

Founded by the members of an online technology study group, Seoul Robotics is one of the technology companies primarily concerned with developing technologies to improve the efficiency of self-driving cars. 

Seoul Robotics’ key software, known as SENSR, is built to track, identify and recognize the difference between various objects around it, such as cars and people. The company has also adopted the innovative approach of developing infrastructure known as "towers," which are equipped with cameras and other equipment that enable it to connect with and help guide autonomous cars. This infrastructure ensures that such cars stay on the safest paths and avoid collision with surrounding objects.

10) Una Brands

  • Founded in: 2020

  • Founder(s): Adrian Johnston, Kiren Tanna, Kushal Patel, Srinivasan Shridharan, Tobias Heusch

  • Location: Singapore

  • Key Backer(s): Alpha JWC Ventures, White Star Capital, Alvin Teo, Claret Capital Partners, White Star Capital, Presight Capital

Una Brands is a multi-channel e-commerce aggregator that acquires high-performing online businesses and guides them to global success. Headquartered in Singapore, it now has a global presence in the United States along with several other countries across South Asia. 

Today, the company has acquired about 20 of such brands and has recorded remarkable success operating them. It currently boasts an annual revenue of over 50 million dollars, with predictions indicating that this figure would grow higher in coming years. With a focus on sustainable and technologically driven innovation, aided by data analytics, Una Brands is poised to become a leading player in the e-commerce industry in Southeast Asia.

Check out Forbes Asia's original article to see which other startups made the list!

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