E-commerce Calendar 2020

E-commerce Calendar 2020

Nov 07, 2019
E-commerce Calendar 2020

2019 may be ending, but the e-commerce world is preparing for another year of growth with product releases, campaigns, discounts and promotions. As a retailer, it is so hard to keep track of all the latest seasonal dates. Start the year right by earmarking all the important dates while you lay out your marketing strategies for 2020.

Despite the overwhelming number of holidays around, fret not! We have the perfect downloadable e-commerce calendar designed for you.

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Quarter 1


1 Jan –  New Year’s Day
Your customers will be setting their own personal goals and bracing themselves for a fresh start, more motivated than ever. This is the right time for you to plan out a challenge for them and engage them in a promotion or activity with your brand on your ecommerce site.

11 Jan – International Thank You Day
20 Jan – Martin Luther King Jr Day (US)
21 Jan – National Hugging Day (US)  

25 Jan – Tết (Vietnamese New Year)
This is an important date for the Vietnamese as they welcome a new year. With over 4.5 million overseas Vietnamese, you don’t have to be based in Vietnam to run promotions and bulk discount campaigns in celebration of the new year.

25 – 27 Jan Lunar New Year
The Chinese New Year welcomes a new Chinese Zodiac and this is where you can be creative in launching campaigns related to the animal zodiac. 2020 welcomes the year of the Rat, and you could organise a themed race targeted at working professionals around the central business district, or free shipping and deals during a period when Chinese around the world are willing to spend more.


2 Feb – Super Bowl Sunday
Although it is not an official holiday, Super Bowl Sunday is an occasion when many families and friends gather together to watch the game, including those who are not normally football fans. A testament to that fact: Americans buy 12.5 million pizzas on Super Bowl in the second biggest snack day of the year (after New Year’s Eve).

This is a chance for you to offer complementary products on your e-commerce site: theme your products to NFL teams, or simply offer a binge discount during this season.

9 Feb – National Pizza Day

14 Feb – Valentine’s Day
What can we say? This is the holiday that many love and some hate. This is the day where couples overspend on each other, an average of $162 USD in 2019.

If your products do well as gifts (think: online jewellery/accessory or electronic gadgets) start your targeted advertising campaigns and suggest gifts and ideas with a customised email. Or, how about creating a fun online game to let your customers share their wish list with their significant other? Spread the love!


6 Mar – National Dress Day

8 Mar- International Women’s Day
If you are about supporting women and celebrating their victories, this is the day! Give back to society by creating a movement for your customers to recycle their old clothes or giving a percentage of your proceeds to non-profit organisations

In return, provide in-store credits or gift cards rather than putting out sales discounts and promotions just to sell! You can also choose to run a campaign on your e-commerce site focused on promoting women by posting their pictures up on your social media channels wearing your brand.

9 Mar – Holi
A popular ancient Hindu festival, originating celebrated predominantly in India and Nepal, but has also spread to other areas of Asia and parts of the Western world through the diaspora from the Indian subcontinent.

14 Mar – White Day
Focus on personalisation and customisable gifts – create a look book for your customers that are looking to give their girlfriends/partners. The look book can be a mix and match of different products that your brand offers – if you run a fashion retail store, you can create different looks and accessorise them to complete it!

If you run a jewellery store, you can create stories for your jewellery, this screams “unique” and “personal”. Nothing feels better than receiving a gift that is personal to the individual.

17 Mar – St. Patrick’s Day
There are millions of people celebrating this day – Irish and non-Irish alike. 82% of consumers surveyed want an outfit to celebrate this day – business opportunity right there. If your brand sells party supplies or clothes that are in green, this is your chance. Or, if you do food catering, your customers will be searching for you to prepare their get-together for this holiday.

18 Mar – World Recycling Day 
Run a campaign to get your consumers to recycle their e-commerce packages. You might be surprised at the creative ideas you’ll receive!

20 Mar – International Day of Happiness
The best way to celebrate happiness is to encourage your customers to get some retail therapy done.


Quarter 2


1 Apr – April’s Fools
10 Apr – Good Friday
10 Apr – Siblings Day 

Easter Weekend: 10 – Good Friday, 12 – Easter, 13 – Easter Monday
Often known as the “Easter Weekend”, experts have predicted Good Friday to be the new Black Friday as shops are offering more discounts over this holiday weekend. Theme your campaigns around Easter Egg Hunts or simply offer a special weekend offer.

18 Apr – Ben & Jerry’s Free Cone Day
21 Apr – National Tea Day
22 Apr – Earth Day


1 May – Labour day
4 May – Star Wars Day
6 May – International No Diet Day

10 May – Mother’s Day
Consider collaborating with online floral stores, restaurants or jewellery stores. Brand this as a whole Mother’s Day package, when they shop with your brand and don’t forget to offer them discounts or gift cards at their next purchase to keep them coming back for more.

23 – 24 May – Hari Raya Puasa
25 May – Memorial Day (US)


4 Jun – National Cheese day
5 Jun – World Environment Day
8 Jun – World Oceans Day
20 Jun – World Refugee Day

21 Jun – Father’s day
It’s time to target the shopping queens and have them buy gifts for their fathers or husbands. An average of $12 billion is spent on Father’s Day, and you wouldn’t want to miss this one out.

21 Jun – International Yoga Day
The purpose of this day is to spread awareness of the benefits and impact yoga has on people. Many retailers can use this day to give promotions and discounts for yoga lovers. Even if you’re not selling yoga-related items, take a look at products that promote self-love and wellness: candles, skincare, organic items, etc.


Quarter 3


1 Jul – Canada Day

4 Jul – Independence Day
61% of Americans spend on cookouts and barbeques on this holiday while 26% of Americans spend this day making patriotic purchases. There are many e-commerce stores sending out personalised emails to their existing customer list promoting the upcoming sales and campaigns they have prepared for this holiday.

11 Jul – 7 Eleven Day
13 Jul – International French Fry Day 

13 Jul – Amazon Prime Day
This is the biggest day for Amazon and if you are a seller on Amazon, make good use of this day to up-sell and encourage your customers to purchase more. These deals last up to 36 hours – a golden period for your account to generate revenue. 

30 Jul- Hari Raya Haji
This date marks the end of Hajj – the pilgrimage to Mecca in Saudi Arabia. Muslims will take this day to visit their relatives with a full day of celebrations and feasting. Consider sales and discounts for home furnishings, clothes and snacks. 

30 Jul – International Friendship Day
30 Jul – National Intern Day 


9 Aug – Singapore’s National Day
10 Aug – National Lazy Day
12 Aug – International Youth Day 

13 Aug – International Left-handers Day
Created in 1992 by the Left-Handers Club as a way to celebrate left-handers, the unofficial holiday aims to ‘raise awareness of the advantages and disadvantages left-handers face.’ About 10% of individuals are left-handed and men are more likely to be left-handed than women.

19 Aug – World Humanitarian Day
21 Aug – World Senior Citizens Day 


10 Sep – World Suicide Prevention Day 

13 Sep – RUOK? Day
R U OK? is an Australian non-profit suicide prevention organisation. It revolves around the slogan “R U OK?”, and advocates people to have conversations with others. This is a great time to check in with your customer, or get your customers to check in with their friends.

13 Sep – International Chocolate Day
19 Sep – Oktoberfest
21 Sep – International Day of Peace
27 Sep – World Tourism Day

28 Sep – Ask a Stupid Question Day
This could be a great way to engage your customer – run a AMA (ask me anything) campaign or get creative in asking silly questions on your social media channels that might shed some light into your product or company.

29 Sep – World Coffee Day


Quarter 4


2 Oct – International Day of Non-Violence
10 Oct – World Mental Health Day

12 Oct – Thanksgiving (CAN)
There’s Thanksgiving in the US and another Thanksgiving in Canada. Canada’s Thanksgiving in October marks the start of the holiday festive season! Remind your customers about this holiday or write up some blog posts to share ideas on how they can give thanks this holiday!

16 Oct – National Boss Day
29 Oct – National Cat Day
31 Oct – Halloween


1 Nov – World Vegan Day

11 Nov – Singles’ Day
Originally a Chinese celebration for singles, 11/11 has taken the Alibaba-effect to now become a shopping season celebrated all around the world, online and offline. Some retailers start marketing their Singles’ Day campaigns as early as October, while others have extended the sale to a week-long affair. On this highly competitive day, it’s time to grab a bigger share of wallet through exclusive products and discounts.

13 Nov – World Kindness Day

14 Nov – Diwali
The Festival Of Lights – the biggest and most important holiday for the Indians. Celebrated by millions across the world, many Indian households will be purchasing snacks, apparel, jewelry, and lights. Retailers should keep a lookout for this date, and stock up your goods!

26 Nov – Thanksgiving (US)
Thanksgiving is a huge holiday in the United States, where Americans give thanks and celebrate this day with their loved ones – a federal holiday. An average American spends about $1007.24 on Thanksgiving. Americans also take this holiday as an opportunity to travel with their families. 

27 Nov – Black Friday
Black Friday is one of the biggest shopping day of the year, synonymous with crazy sales and discounts. Brands like Sephora, Gymshark, and ASOS giving out Black Friday sales as well, and their items are always sold out within 24 hours! With 14.8 million online sales alone, this is the best time for ecommerce stores to strike! 

30 Nov – Cyber Monday 
Cyber Monday was created to extend the Black Friday shopping spree and encourage shoppers to shop online. Many online stores are giving out discount codes and offering free shipping and delivery to increase their sales volumes – your online shoppers are almost expecting you to have a sale on this day!


1 Dec – World Aids Day
10 Dec – Human Rights Day 

Christmas: 24 Dec – Christmas Eve, 25 Dec – Christmas Day

Christmas shopping is the biggest holiday with people spending over $1 trillion in the United States and over £ 2 billion in the United Kingdom. Consumers are shopping both online and offline so you’d better watch out and you’d better make sure that your online site is running at full speed to take on the volume of orders! Start your planning before it is too late!

26 Dec – Boxing Day
The holiday after Christmas is now a major shopping event. 27 million shoppers flocked outside stores as the discounts go up to 90% in the UK – prolonging the shopping season. This is the chance to sell unsold or whatever stock is left through attractive discounts and promotions.

26 Dec – Boxing Day
While shoppers are out celebrating and enjoying themselves as they welcome the new year, the e-commerce world should be planning their next move! Revolve your campaigns around new beginnings, new year’s resolutions and everything new for your marketing campaigns.

Or if you are trying to clear out any year end stocks, give out recommendations according to your customers’ shopping patterns for the year as a start.


Take note of these dates and plan your marketing or e-commerce strategy today.

Make good use of these dates to drive brand awareness and crowd to your e-commerce store in 2020. It is never too early to start planning – apply whichever promotions or discounts that is suitable for the holiday and you do not have to worry about losing out to your competitors!

We have created a Google Calendar where you can subscribe to. We have all the dates laid out for you, feel free to click on this link or download our e-commerce calendar here!

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