E-Commerce Returns in the...

E-Commerce Returns in the Post-COVID Era

Dec 22, 2022
E-Commerce Returns in the Post-COVID Era

Did you know that consumers in the United States alone had returned more than US$761bn worth of purchased goods in 2021?

Returns are central to the overall customer experience but they can also make or break your business. According to the survey by the National Retail Federation, retailers have lost a whopping $400 billion to e-commerce returns last year. It is no secret that businesses are  grappling to cope with the  influx of returns over the years, with many of them  expanding their warehouse spaces and even establishing separate departments for reverse logistics.

The E-Commerce Return Rates study by Shopify provides an in-depth analysis of e-commerce returns logistics in the global market since the pandemic. Diving deeper, it explores the reasons for the rise of return rates as well as the trends of reverse logistics for various product categories, seasonalities and more. Read on to find out some of our key findings below:

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