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E-commerce Germany News: The 'E'mployees Factor in E-Commerce Interview with Matthias Genz, MediaMarktSaturn Commercial Director

May 25, 2021

(Image Source: Ecommerce Germany News)

E-commerce Germany News recently sat down with Matthias Genz, the Chief Administrative Officer at MediaMarkSaturn to discuss the 'E'mployees factor in the e-commerce sector.

During his interview with E-commerce Germany News, Genz shared quite a few interesting comments:

  • Running a marketplace with ChannelEngine is the next logical step in providing a 360° Omni-Channel experience to MediaMarktSaturn customers.

  • MediaMarktSaturn will be satisfied with reopening their 450 stores in Germany without any 'Test & Meet', 'Click & Meet', or 'Click & Collect' restrictions.

  • To implement technology successfully, employee participation is crucial.

  • The Omni-Channel approach should be strictly followed by E-commerce owners at all times.

Listen to Matthias’ presentation titled “E-mployees Faktor in E-Commerce” at the E-commerce Berlin Virtual and get to know him and MediaMarktSaturn plans for 2021 and beyond: http://virtual.ecommerceberlin.com/

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