5 Ways To Convert Seasonal Shoppers Into Loyal Customers This Festive Season

Oct 17, 2017

The end of the year is peppered with festive shopping events such as Halloween, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Singles’ Day and Christmas bringing on huge shopping crowds. These seasonal shoppers may purchase from you in a sale without really identifying with your brand. Getting new customers to buy from your store through festive sales is a good and rather easy move, but these customers might not be likely to return if you do not grab the one opportunity to have them remember you and your brand.

How can you best engage your customers after they have purchased from your store to have them remember your brand also after the sales season? Here we share a few effective ways to continue marketing your brand, post-purchase:

Offer visual treats in packaging

Packaging is one thing worth investing in as it is perfect for displaying your brand message to those who have already come into contact with your business. It also makes your product stand out, which in this age of social media and sharing is extremely important if you want to expand your customer base and maintain a loyal following. Ensure that you take full advantage of your packaging by making sure that its style and design are sharing-friendly on social media sites such as Instagram and Facebook. Make it fun to look at and add valuable information!

Add a personal touch

Make your customers feel special, or give them incentives to visit your store a second time. If budget allows, dropping in free samples to go with your product is a good way to encourage more sales from the customers and generate reviews about your products. Otherwise, you can continue to communicate to your customer after they have received their package via (what seems like) handwritten notes to thank them or tell your brand story, targeted shopping tips and discount coupons.

Engage them via all channels

Make use of email notifications such as welcome emails, order confirmation emails, and delivery tracking updates by customizing them with your branding elements to remind them of your brand and to shop with you again. It is also a good idea to include calls to action in the email footer such as invitations to follow your social media channels for shopping tips, buying trends, etc. Check out this article for some cool ideas for a social media strategy.

Make shipping as simple as possible

Low-cost delivery and shipping is albeit attractive and can save your business a lot in logistics costs. However, poor last-mile experience such as late deliveries, bad customer service or damaged goods is extremely damaging to your brand and business, especially in this age of social media sharing where online reviews have a wide reach. Choose a reliable delivery carrier to minimize customers’ run-ins with bad experiences. Having an intuitive logistics intelligence dashboard where you can access all real-time performance data across all of your shipments, can help you to identify better-performing carriers and ultimately optimize your delivery setup.

Additionally, if customers know that they can return items or be refunded easily, they will not only be more likely to buy from you but will also be more willing to repeatedly do so. Having a clear and easy returns policy is a great tactic to persuade first-time customers to make a purchase as well as keep them coming back again. On top of bringing convenience to your customers, it also serves to build their trust and confidence in your products.

Provide customized tracking

We can never say enough about the marketing benefits that having your own parcel tracking page or being able to offer your customers timely, proactive parcel tracking updates can bring you. Customers get peace of mind from knowing where their packages are and you receive fewer shipment queries, lowering customer service hours as a result. Your very own tracking page is also a perfect venue for showcasing your brand and marketing our products to these first-time customers. With your own branded tracking page, you have more opportunities to expose your brand and recommend products to this seasonal influx of new customers. On experiencing the convenience of shopping with your brand, they will be more inclined to become loyal fans.

There are certainly more strategies and tips to go around for leveraging this year-end festive season to foster new customer relationships with this influx of seasonal shoppers.

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