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Alcott Global Podcast: Career Advice for Supply Chain Executives

Apr 20, 2021
Alcott Global Podcast: Career Advice for Supply Chain Executives

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What Does it Take to Become an Executive?

In the past year, Alcott Global’s guests in the Leaders in Supply Chain Podcast and in the Global Summits, have shared a wealth of experience and advice, in more than 35 hours of interviews and keynotes.

The team at Alcott Global has synthesized key actions, learning, attitudes that would take the supply chain professionals into the executive positions, and included them in a 14 pages report, titled Career Advice for Supply Chain Executives.

What if a C-suite position opened up tomorrow? Are you ready for it?” – Andrew Bryant, CSP Global Expert on Leadership

Supply chain organizations are the largest people organizations in any company, thus the business influence has a great amplitude, as Sandra MacQuillan EVP and CSCO Mondelēz International shared in Episode #96.

Preparing to take up a Supply Chain Executive role, or even CEO, implies being intentional about career planning, constantly doing the homework of assessing the gaps, bridging these gaps and taking strategic actions to get to the C-suite. “People all the time spend time, energy, money on education, on knowledge, experience, and yet, they actually put their career in somebody else’s hands.” – Episode 93: Shellye Archambeau Board Director Verizon, Nordstrom, Roper Technologies, Okta

The leaders featured in the Career Advice Report shared about the essential skills, both hard and soft skills, habits triggered by Covid-19 crisis which are to be observed and avoided, the exposure and long term investments to build trust and bring into light differentiators that count in stepping into the C-suite, but which CVs will not be able to reflect.

#100: Pier Luigi Sigismondi President at Dole Packaged Foods

#98: Daniel Stanton, “Mr. Supply Chain”

#97: John Church EVP of Supply Chain & CSCO at General Mills

#94: Susan Brennan COO of Bloom Energy

The report concludes with Alcott Global’s observations on the 7 essential skills that define Top Talent in Supply Chain – which were the subject of the keynote Radu Palamariu delivered at the .

Download the Career Advice report from here.

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