BICARA Supply Chain Podcast: How can Supply Chain Transition from a Linear Economy to a Circular Economy?

Oct 05, 2020

survey by Gartner shows that 70% of supply chain leaders plan to invest in the circular economy within the next year. Sustainability in supply chain management has long been discussed within the industry, but it’s only in the last few months where leaders are announcing a renewed focus on sustainability. In this podcast episode, Nurhadi, Founder and podcast host at Bicara Supply Chain, invited Deborah Dull, Circular Nomad, and Principal of Manufacturing Product Management at GE Digital to share more on building a supply chain for the circular economy. There is so much potential for a circular economy approach in the supply chain industry. In this episode, Deborah Dull shares that circularity can maximize the use of these resources. Instead of using some raw materials to build a product, businesses can now make use of these leftover resources and create even more from these materials that would be otherwise discarded.  

“There’s value in everything, we need to really squeeze out the material value and every last little bit that we can in order to maximize the value of that material. And if we do that, there’s actually a tremendous amount of economic growth that we can get.” – Deborah Dull, Circular Nomad, and Principal of Manufacturing Product Management at GE Digital

Find out more about transitioning from a linear to a circular economy in the supply chain industry and adapting to change on the full podcast episode.

Questions answered in the podcast include:

  • What is circular in a supply chain?

  • What does the supply chain industry need in a circular economy?

  • What are the steps to build a circular supply chain?

  • How business leaders can adopt the changes in the circular supply chain

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