BICARA Supply Chain Podcast Ft. Amit Sinha: Transforming The Supply Chain With Disruptive Technology

Nov 17, 2020

In this podcast episode, Nurhadi, Founder and Podcast Host of Bicara Supply Chain, is joined by Amit Sinha, Senior Manager at Deloitte Consulting and Supply Chain Digital Transformation Leader.

Amit shared that the proliferation of new technologies has enabled businesses to elevate the customer relationship from a mere transactional one to one akin to a partnership. With the help of disruptive technology, businesses can also incorporate customer feedback as part of the product development process; allowing them to build customized products for customers.

Disruptive technology also allows businesses to automate tedious and manual processes; such as in procurement and finance. Automation-enabling technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) help to shift people to more value-creating work, and may even take uncertainties out of the supply chain or network.

Whilst the potential of technology is an exciting one, Amit cautions that technology is just an enabler; one has to consider the organization’s business process requirements and whether the use of technology can fulfill this need. He also mentions that the digital transformation process is not a single step, but rather, is an ever-evolving process, especially with the current pace of technology.

“[Digital transformation] becomes a success or a failure based on the organization and the culture of the people. How engaged and motivated is the leadership, and then the team."

Click to the full podcast episode on Transforming the Supply Chain with Disruptive Technology

Questions answered in the podcast include:

  • How does transformation in a supply chain affect an organization? 

  • What are some of the examples of disruptive technology used in supply chains? 

  • What advice you would give to business leaders looking to transform their supply chains? 

  • What are some real-life examples of how organizations have successfully transformed their supply chains with technology?  

About Amit Sinha

Amit Sinha is currently a Specialist Leader at Deloitte Consulting in the U.S. He is an expert and a published author in the areas of Digital Transformation, Supply Chain Management, and Digital Supply Networks. Some of his best-sellers include “Supply Chain Management: A Managerial Approach” and “Digital Supply Network”. 

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