Alcott Global Podcast: Andreu Marco, Global Supply Chain Executive and Former Global SVP SCM for Burberry: Omnichannel Transformation

Mar 19, 2021

In Episode #109 of Leaders in Supply Chain Podcast, Radu Palamariu, the Managing Director Asia Pacific of Alcott Global and the Global Head of Supply Chain & Logistics Practice had a lively interview, with Andreu Marco, Global Supply Chain Executive and Former Global SVP SCM for Burberry.

Listen to the full episode here.

Key highlights of this episode:

Change Management

Burberry has been around for 150 years and going through an omnichannel transformation was a complex journey of change management. Andreu mentioned that one major step was shifting from a silo way of working, where each sales channel had its own inventory, to a new idea - where there is one pool of inventory accessible to every type of customer.

To drive such change, Supply Chain Leaders need to focus on what matters most, conversion. Also they need to assume the important role of eliminating the friction from the product reaching the customer. For a luxury brand, delivering a product timely to the customer and being able to create a ceremony experience for the customer, offline and online, is where Supply Chain Leaders can add very big value.

Technology supporting omnichannel transformation

Technology, ERP and Order Management systems, are playing an extremely important role in keeping visibility on demands and fulfillment, and the net promoter score is the tool that allows you to listen to the consumers.

Relationship with 3PL

“Today, you cannot be successful without the right 3PL”. A good relationship is a long-term collaboration, that takes into account that 3PL is making money as well, for it to last: “When you are entering into a 3PL conversation or negotiation, you need to think that it is going to be a very long journey. You need to understand that there has to be trust.”

Last-mile deliveries

With the change that has been brought by the pandemic, parcel deliveries will need to further adapt and there is room for creative solutions and business opportunities. Continuing with a model of delivering multiple boxes to the same address, will not be sustainable and a constant challenge will be having enough drivers. It will not be possible to continue to shop everything online, and expect a delivery every one hour then return 20% of the products ordered. And sustainability is requested by more and more consumers, which needs to be addressed to maintain reputation and consumers at the center of the attention.

About Andreu Marco

Andreu Marco, Global Supply Chain Executive and Former Global SVP SCM for Burberry. Andreu was one of the pioneers of implementing omnichannel strategies and helped Burberry become the leading luxury brand in omnichannel sales. He has had a long career having also worked for Inditex, one other of the industry giants.

About Leaders in Supply Chain Podcast

The host, Radu Palamariu, has been named as a top 3 Global Supply Chain Influencer on Linkedin and has been featured on Bloomberg, Bangkok Post and MIT Supply Chain Talent magazine. Radu invites executives to share stories and perspectives around technology, logistics, e-commerce, supply chain and manufacturing, and their views on how the future will look like, on his Leaders is Supply Chain Podcast channel. All episodes are available on iTunes, Spotify and Google Podcasts.

Source: Alcott Global Podcast

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