Supply Chain Dive: Amazon Relies on Ocean Shipping to Boost Next-Day Delivery in Sweden

Dec 09, 2022

(Image Source: Supply Chain 24/7)

Lower cost and increased speed are always go-to targets for every logistics company. However, Amazon is taking a different approach, with a focus on sustainability, implemented in Sweden called Amazon Sea. 

Amazon has been leveraging the use of ocean shipping since 2019 to get more control over its supply chain. When customers in Sweden make a purchase, Amazon will locate the item within the European fulfillment center and deliver it to the sortation center in Poland or Germany. Then it will be loaded onto a truck and sent to the port where a Stena Line ferry is and get to Sweden. 

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The partnership with Stena Line was established last month. For last-mile delivery, Amazon has several partners in Sweden, including Airmee, a company that provides last-mile delivery by bike. 

"We are always looking for innovative ways to transport packages for customers through less carbon intensive methods,” Gulfem Toygar, Country Manager of Amazon Sweden, said in a statement.

Using ocean transportation will help reduce roughly a quarter of the carbon emissions generated from next-day deliveries in the country. Amazon has invested greatly to reach the target for sustainability in Europe. The company is planning to pour more than 1 billion euros to multiply its electric van delivery fleet over the next five years. 

Source: Amazon leverages ocean shipping for next-day delivery in Sweden

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