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Alcott Global Podcast: Leveraging Technology in Mitigating Supply Chain Risks

Jul 26, 2023

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In an episode of Leaders in Supply Chain Podcast Latin America, Xabier Basañez, Managing Director LATAM of Alcott Global interviewed Raul Samaniego, Vice President of Global Supply Chain at Grupo Aje.

Listen to the full episode here.

Key highlights of this episode:

  • From FMCG to joining a multinational group

  • How Raul lead more than 10 sites with over 20,000 items

  • Importance of digital transformation in supply chain

  • Facing challenges and looking for progress

  • Embracing challenges and opportunities

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In this episode, Raul shared more about his career journey, starting his career in the FMCG industry with Alicorp, where he led more than 10 sites with over 20,000 items. During this period, he was also a professor at different universities including, Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru, Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola, TECSUP. He also shared his journey of moving to a multinational group, Grupo Aje, and the challenges he faced during the transition. He also discussed some of the plans and activities he wants to implement for the business. 

Raul also shared about the importance of digital transformation and how this will change the way we define supply chain. Lastly, he put emphasis on the importance of embracing challenges and continuous learning.

About Raul Samaniego

Raul Samaniego is the Vice President Global Supply Chain at Grupo Aje in Peru. Previously Raul was performing as ASEAN Supply Chain & Manufacturing Director for Thailand, Indonesia & Vietnam for almost 4 years, and before he was the Supply Chain Director for Thailand for over 2 years. Before joining Grupo Aje, Raul was the Operations Manager for Automotores Gildemeister, and Head of Planning, Warehouses and Materials Management in Arca Continental-Lindley (Coca-Cola Bottler) in Peru. He started his career in Supply Chain with Alicorp being the Corporative Chief of Warehouses and Outsourcing Management for almost 9 years.

About Leaders in Supply Chain Podcast Latin America

Leaders in Supply Chain Podcast Latin America brings together some of the best entrepreneurs, experts, and executives in the supply chain space to share their perspectives on the current trends, their stories about success and failure, and how they attract and recruit talent. 

Alcott Global connects and upgrades the supply chain ecosystem by finding the right talent through executive search, developing talent through learning solutions, and meeting supply chain technology needs through a comprehensive crunch base marketplace.

The host, Xabier Basañez is a well-rounded Supply Chain expert, with end-to-end experience in different industries, including FMCG, Logistics, 3PL, and Retail. He is a natural Processes synchronizer strengthening organizational operations. He loves to connect supply chain professionals to create spaces for discussion and analysis, focusing on LATAM & USA.

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